The Loyalty System was designed to reward Cipsoft's most loyal players. Each day of spent Premium Time equals one loyalty point, which can unlock titles and bonuses for your character when accumulated. It was implemented on January 27, 2015.

Players' loyalty is recorded separately for every Game World, and the players with the most points can be seen on their corresponding Highscores page. Players can choose whether or not to show their loyalty points on one of their account's character pages on tibia.com. If shown, the title will be visible by 'looking' at that character in-game, along with the character's vocation and guild. If no specific character is chosen, the info will appear on the character with the highest level on the account by default.

To gain loyalty points, Premium Time must be spent. Simply buying premium is not enough; an account created last week with 3600 purchased premium days will still have to wait 3600 days to receive 3600 points. Thus, it is a benefit for long-term premium accounts and cannot be bought. Spending loyalty points is not possible at this time; merely having the points will enable certain benefits.

See also: the manual's description of the loyalty system.


The following table shows the bonuses based on the number of loyalty points accumulated:

Loyalty Points Bonus
360 5%
720 10%
1080 15%
1440 20%
1800 25%
2160 30%
2520 35%
2880 40%
3240 45%
3600 50%

For every 360 loyalty points accumulated, a character receives a bonus of 5% on their base skills. The maximum bonus of 50% is reached at 3600 loyalty points, which is equivalent to approximately 9.86 years of premium time. This bonus is a passive boost applicable to all characters on the account, regardless of their status (premium or free), and does not expire. It modifies the underlying skill point value rather than the displayed skill level.

Due to the exponential increase in skill points required for advancement, the actual skill levels gained will be lower than the percentage increase. For example, a paladin with a base distance skill of 100 will not gain 25 additional skill levels (25% of 100), but rather 3-4 skill levels. However, the loyalty bonus can be seen as accelerating skill progression, as each earned skill point effectively increases the rate at which skills develop.

Characters with a loyalty skill bonus will accrue skills as if they did not have the bonus. For instance, a knight with a base sword fighting skill of 100 (103 after applying the loyalty bonus) will still gain skills as if they started with a base skill of 100. The Highscores list displays base skills without accounting for the loyalty bonus. This means that while a character's displayed skill level may increase, their base skill level remains unchanged in the highscores.

Example: Consider a druid with a magic level of 89 and a 5% loyalty bonus, which displays as 90 in the skills window. However, the highscores will list the base skill level as 89. If the druid advances to magic level 91, the highscores will still show 89 because the base skill level has not advanced; only the skill after the loyalty bonus is applied.
Loyalty Bonus Ex

Subsequently, as the druid's loyalty points increase, they move into the next loyalty bracket, gaining an additional 5% bonus from the loyalty system. This could result in a displayed magic level of 92, while the base skill level remains 89. It's important to note that this example illustrates how skills are represented in the highscores.


The following table shows the loyalty titles based on the number of loyalty points accumulated:

Loyalty Points Title
50 Scout of Tibia
100 Sentinel of Tibia
200 Steward of Tibia
400 Warden of Tibia
1000 Squire of Tibia
2000 Warrior of Tibia
3000 Keeper of Tibia
4000 Guardian of Tibia
5000 Sage of Tibia
6000 Savant of Tibia
7000 Enlightened of Tibia

Each account will receive a loyalty title corresponding to the amount of loyalty points accumulated. This title will appear in the "Account Information" section of all character profiles for unhidden characters on the account and when looking at them.