Lower Rathleton is a part of the city Rathleton on the island Oramond. It covers the west part of the city, to the south bounded by a city wall, to the west and north also bounded by a city wall but with a gate and to the east bounded by a glooth river with a bridge to the Workshop Quarter. There is also access to Upper Rathleton by levitating up here.

Be aware that this part of Rathleton is full of Creatures, it is not advised to walk around alone and low- or midleveled. There are multiple interesting spots to hunt or explore, like the old Glooth Factory, the western plains, the Rathleton Sewers, a cave with Hydras and Bog Raiders to the west and access to the Seacrest Grounds to the north.


Lower Rathleton NPCs
A BeggarA Beggar.gifBeggarLower Rathleton, just west of the bridge to the Workshop Quarter
ChavisChavis.gifCaretakerLower Rathleton, near the west gate
DoubledayDoubleday.gifScientistRathleton Workshop Quarter near the upper city ramp
FilliasFillias.gifUnknown OccupationLower Rathleton, next to the old Glooth Factory
RoswithaRoswitha.gifInnkeeperLower Rathleton, The Olde Coaching Inn
The Beggar KingThe Beggar King.gifBeggarLower Rathleton, one floor down in the Rathleton Sewers behind a quest door


NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Blood Beast.gif
Blood Beast
10001600238+ (124+ Physical Damage, 114+ Earth Damage)
17551900778 (260 Physical Damage, 518 Earth Damage)
Glooth Blob.gif
Glooth Blob
700750462 (290 Physical Damage, 172 Earth Damage) + 880 Summons
Rot Elemental.gif
Rot Elemental
750850564 (120 Physical Damage, 444 Earth Damage)
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