Low Blow
Property Value
General Properties
Type Passive
Cost 2000 Cyclopedia#Charms
Version 11.50
December 05, 2017
Status Active


Adds 3% critical hit chance to attacks with critical hit weapons.


Low Blow's most important note is that it will only be triggered for the creature you have selected it for, even if you are using area attacks, unlike the critical damage from weapons which is based on the attack itself, not on the creatures.

This Charm may look like an interesting offensive option, but it will be worse than the elemental damage Charms on most cases. Since the elemental damage charms are based on the creature's total hitpoints, the stronger the creature, the most effective those charms will be. Low Blow, on the other hand, will have the same effect regardless of the creature it's active on, because it is only dependent on the damage dealt by the player.

While it's possible that the overall damage increase from Low Blow can be higher than that from other offensive charms for some medium strength creatures, in the long therm this charm is not worth its high cost unless you have the Charm Points to spare. On weak creatures with a low amount of hitpoints (when you most likely wouldn't activate a Charm anyway), there's a good chance that the creature will die in a couple of hits and the increased damage wouldn't be noticeable.

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