Not to be confused with Caves of the Lost.

Years ago, the people of Edron were digging this mine for minerals and gold. It seemed all that work was of no avail, when they finally hit the mother load. Gems, rare crystals and... Water, so much that it flooded the whole system, and not a single soul escaped. Now, people say the mine workers who died there are still digging.

It is part of a mission of Sea of Light Quest and you will probably only go there during that quest, since it's not a very good hunting place.
There are a few Rats, 4 Undead Mine Workers, and 2 Undead Prospectors total.

NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
520Physical Damage
Undead Mine Worker.gif
Undead Mine Worker
Undead Prospector.gif
Undead Prospector
8510050 Physical Damage
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