You see Lorenzo
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  • Drome fighters! You can trade your hard earned drome points here!
  • Fighters from the old arena still visit me to exchange their hard earned badges! Earned in blood that is... mostly.


The Thais Tibiadrome; access via Mystic Flame by depot on Main Street.


Lorenzo can exchange your old Arena Badges for potions and Drome Points for some exclusive items.


He used to be Deseus's assistant on the old Monster Arena.


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Player: hi
Lorenzo: Hello, brave fighter! What can I do for you? Do you want {information}, to {exchange} something or to simply {talk}?
Player: information
Lorenzo: I will hand out {arena badges} depending on your results in the PvE arena. You can keep them or {exchange} them for potions - with a chance to win a special {surprise cube}, just to spice things up a bit.
Player: (arena) badge(s)
Lorenzo: If you finish all 10 waves of an arena battle, you'll obtain a fixed amount of {arena badges}. The exact amount depends on the selected difficulty {level}. ...
Lorenzo: I can check the total amount and offer you potions in {exchange} for them. Do you want me to hand out your {arena badges} now?
Player: level
Lorenzo: There are 5 difficulty levels when fighting against waves of monsters in the arena. Each difficulty level grants you a certain amount of {arena badges} which I will hand out to you. ...
Lorenzo: Level 1 grants one {badge}, level 2 grants two, level 3 grants three, level 4 grants four and level 5 grants five {arena badges}.
Player: exchange
Lorenzo: It's quite easy. I give you {arena badges} for each completed arena battle. Surviving 10 waves against monsters in the arena will grant you a fixed amount of {badges} depending on the difficulty {level}. ...
Lorenzo: You can keep the {arena badges} or exchange them for each kind of health, mana and spirit potions. I'll charge 1 {arena badge} for the amount of 100 mana or health potions. ...
Lorenzo: 100 strong potions of either mana or health will be charged with 2, 100 great health potions with 4 and 100 great mana potions with 3, 100 ultimate potions of either type with 7 and 100 supreme potions with 10 {arena badges}. ....
Lorenzo: You can also select 100 great spirit potions for 4 and 100 ultimate spirit potions for 8 {arena badges}. ...
Lorenzo: Would you like to exchange for {health}, {mana} or {spirit} potions now?
Player: health
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: {regular}, {strong}, {great}, {ultimate} or {supreme} health potions?
Player: regular/strong/great/ultimate/supreme
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange one/two/four/seven/ten {arena badge(s)} for 100 (strong/great/ultimate/supreme) mana potions? {Yes} or {no}?
Player: mana
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: {regular}, {strong}, {great} or {ultimate} mana potions?
Player: regular/strong/great/ultimate
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange one/two/four/seven {arena badge(s)} for 100 (strong/great/ultimate) mana potions? {Yes} or {no}?
Player: spirit
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: {great} or {ultimate} spirit potions?
Player: great/ultimate
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange four/seven {arena badge(s)} for 100 great/ultimate spirit potions? {Yes} or {no}?
Player: no
Lorenzo: No problem, take your time! (ends conversation)
Player: surprise cube
Lorenzo: As a special service for our most valued customers, we hand out a surprise cube! By using it, you have a chance of getting nice little goodies.
Player: talk
Lorenzo: Well, I guess you'd like to know what I'm {doing} here.
Player: doing/job
Lorenzo: I specialised in trading potions in exchange for {arena badges}. Actually my whole family earns their living this way, you can meet my brothers and sisters by visiting the other arenas. ...
Lorenzo: Maybe you'll even get to know my whole family someday!
Player: bye
Lorenzo: Take care and come back soon!