For the unobtainable item, see Loot Bag (Item).

A Lootbag is any container which players put looted items in and drag along the floor when hunting, allowing them to take more items than they could normally carry back to town, increasing profit or reducing waste. Mostly, they put bags within bags within bags and so on and put the items in there, and then drag and rope the bag to the depot or shop. Try not to go too close to such bags if you don't want people to think you're a thief.

For more Lootbagging Hints, see Loot.

Tips if you don't want your lootbag to be stolen:

  • First of all, every player you don't know could be a thief, so take care.
  • Try to keep your lootbag close to you and far away from other players.
  • Stay away from the roads as much as possible.
  • If you can, don't drag it to the depot try to:
    • Hide it somewhere outside of town under a tree.
    • Go and buy a parcel in the city.
    • Put the lootbag inside, write your name on the Label.
    • Push the parcel into the first Mailbox you find. (a good thing to do this trick is to do the postman quest and simply send it away by the nearest royal mailbox, or throw your lootbag on top of that so most thieves can't get to it)
  • You can also hide it in a creature corpse. Some corpses can hold items a longer time than others, for example Minotaur and Deer corpses. Rabbit and Rat corpses can be successfully hidden under a street lamp. Be wary of doing this, if the creature decomposes you will lose your bag and all the loot inside.
  • If someone is trying to steal your lootbag, try to hide it under a tree so he/she doesn't know where it is.
  • One of the methods to make your lootbag safe is to create a path way by dropping identical bags from the place you start to the place you head to.Put them on the ground by regular visible range and move your lootbag throwing it onto these, being a disguise on your way.This is a bit long method but best possible if you aim to move your goods through crowded roads and cities.
  • When you spot a person while moving your lootbag, leave it behind and slowly continue walking towards if there was a chance that he didnt see you moving the bag, he probably won't deal any interest to this bag.

Special note: Certain trees hide a bag very well. The Sycamore's top left corner is the very best, but the plum tree's and red maple's top right corner work great and the Birch Tree's top right corner can hide almost any item.

  • The female Newly Wed Outfit can hide a lootbag by being on top of it.
  • When hiding the lootbag under a tree, put an empty bag on top of your lootbag. This way, if a player finds the spot you have hidden your bag, it will look empty. Not many people will bother to check if there is something under this bag.
  • Another way is to put enough items on your lootbag so that it is not visible anymore. Best way to do this is by using some sort of item. Moon Flowers are great for this. Empty vials are very good to hide your loot underneath as well. Place vials on top of your bag until it can't be seen anymore. With some other empty vials around it, most players won't take the time to search the vials.
  • Since most thieves do not carry Destroy Field runes with them, it can be very useful to put a field on your lootbag when a thief shows up. This will give you some time to scare the thief away or to kill him. After that you can return to your lootbag and use a Destroy Field rune or just wait till the fire/energy/poison disappears from your lootbag. Keep in mind that the thief could suicide on your rune and you will get an unjustified kill. Since the "Browse Field" option is available, the thief could move the lootbag by doing this regardless of what is on top of it.
  • Sometimes when you are kicking a loot bag around, a thief will place a bag on top of yours so when you move the bag you think the "fake bag" is your bag and the scammer gets your hard earned lootbag.
  • You should also have two or ten empty bags, in case a loot thief comes to steal it. Then you can simply trick him with putting a empty bag on top, so he will take the empty bag instead.
  • A good way to trick a thief when he is trying take your lootbag is to hide the real lootbag behind a tree (Sycamore, red maple, Birch Tree, etc..) and then quickly put an empty bag on the ground. Then you can start to push around this "fake bag" and throw it in a swamp or in the water. The thief will then lose his interest and when he is gone you can go back to your real lootbag that is safely hidden behind a tree.
  • You can also get multiple bags and disguise it or use haste and get there faster or with a friend.
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