Loot refers to any item that can be scavenged (looted) from the bodies of dead Creatures or dead Players. Loot varies by creature, and some items are found more frequently than others. Usually the most valuable items are the most rare. The loot is always dropped in alphabetical order and in order of magnitude.


Wolf Tooth Chain

A popular rumour says that wearing a Wolf Tooth Chain will increase the chance of dropping a rare item. This has been proven false since the loot of a monster is decided when the monster is spawned, not when killed. An easy way to test this is to kill an Orc Shaman and wait for it to respawn. When it does, kill it immediately. You will notice that it dropped a fresh Dead Snake, whereas waiting for 5 minutes before killing it will yield a snake in the second stage of decay. After an Orc Shaman has existed for 11 minutes, it won't drop any dead snakes at all.

Another rumour says that some respawns provide better loot than others. This has not been confirmed, although there might be some evidence of this. An example of this are the Chickens in Krimhorn, which are said to drop Chicken Feathers more commonly than chickens in Greenshore.


To take the loot from a monster, kill it and use its body to open it (hold [Ctrl] and left-click the body (Tibia Default controls)).

After the 2006 Summer Update only the person who did the most damage or people in the same Party as the person who did the most damage can loot or move the killed monster for a period of 10 seconds. It then becomes a free-for-all, which means it's possible to steal the loot from a creature another player killed. In order to achieve this people might throw identical corpses on the body you just slayed to deceive you. Try to move the body to see if it's yours or not; you won't be able to move the body if it wasn't you who killed that creature. You won't be able to open it either. Quickly use the Browse Field feature to reach your body and loot it first.


The following lists give recommendations for what loot to collect while hunting. The gp/oz ratio also takes into account the Capacity an item takes up in your Inventory and not just its raw value.

General guidelines are to collect loot giving preference in the following order. This list is only a general guideline (there are some obvious exceptions), so use your common sense when collecting items. For specific lists, check the appropriate section below. If something weighs more than the amount of gold it's worth, it's not worth picking up (but you might want to consider using a Loot Bag).

  1. Gems and Jewelry
  2. Platinum Coins
  3. Rare or Magical Items (rings, amulets, etc.)
  4. Creature Products
  5. Gold Coins
  6. Weapons
  7. Armor
  8. Shields
  9. Food
  10. Tools

Loot Lists

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The following pages are lists of loot that you can find in various hunting places, sorted by gp per oz.

Two assumptions were made when creating these lists:

  • It is assumed that you will not keep or use any item looted. These lists are sorted based on the assumption that all items will be sold for gold coins.
  • In order for the lists to be equally valuable in all game worlds, only prices offered by NPCs are used. Most items can be sold to other players for more money.

Rookgaard Loot Lists

Mainland Loot Lists

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