Property Value
Aliases None.
Est. Length
Quest Log Loose Ends Quest
Level 8
(10 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


Loose Ends is a quest for characters who left the Isle of Destiny designed to show them easy quests to gain quick rewards. It is added to your quest log immediately after Captain Kurt sails you off of the Isle, and will disappear once all NPCs have been talked to.


Snakes, Wolves, Smugglers, Wild Warriors, Bandits (and possibly more) on the way to the NPCs. You will encounter more creatures as you do their quests.


500 experience by talking to the NPCs. There are more rewards as you complete their quests.

There are 5 missions given (at once) during this quest. You do not need to speak to an NPC to get them, as your quest log is updated as soon as you leave Isle of Destiny.

You can do the missions in any order, just talk to the respective NPC and start their quest. Once you do so, you will earn 100 experience. After all NPCs have been talked to, the Loose Ends quest will disappear from your Quest Log.

Ankrahmun: Meet Ahmet

Travel to Ankrahmun (north of the Depot, up one level, here) and talk to the Ahmet. From there, you will start the Steal from Thieves Quest.

Edron: Meet Spectulus

Travel to Edron (Ivory Towers, top of the central tower) and talk to Spectulus. From there, you will start the Sea of Light Quest.

Outlaw Camp: Meet Rottin Wood

Travel to Outlaw Camp (between Venore and Thais, here) and talk to Rottin Wood. From there, you will start the Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest.

Thais: Meet Eclesius

Travel to Thais and head south (here) and talk to Eclesius. From there, you will start The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest. You can also reach Eclesius from the Adventurers' Guild.

Venore: Meet Boozer

Travel to Venore (2 floors above the central depot, here) and talk to Boozer. From there, you will start The Ultimate Booze Quest.

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