Property Value
Type House
Size 281 sqm
Beds 8
Rent 400,000 gp per month
(1,423 gp per sqm)
City Carlin
Street Sea Lane
Windows 11
Floors 3
Rooms 12
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active


2 Blackboards (First Floor), 1 Counter (First Floor), and 1 Bench (Third Floor).


South west of the furniture shop.


Located in the South-West corner of Carlin. This used to be the biggest house in Tibia, prior to the Summer Update 2012, and has three floors, 8 beds and a private beach.
The First Floor of Lonely Sea Side Hostel includes the main entrance, stairs to the Second Floor, a bar area (with separate storage room) and access to the beach. Entrance to the house is through the internal door, and the area between this door and the external door (where the ladder down is) is accessible to all players.
The Second Floor of Lonely Sea Side Hostel is the sleeping area. This floor contains seven separate rooms, with a total of eight beds. The 'master' bedroom is in the North-West corner of this floor. A ladder at the end Northern end of the floor leads to the Third Floor.
The Third Floor of Lonely Sea Side Hostel is a roof top entertainment area. There are three Plum Trees and one Bench on this floor.
Towards the rear of the Lonely Sea Side Hostel there is a private beach area accessed off the first room.
Dane runs a business, the White Wave Cellar, underground here.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 11940 gold per month.

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