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Diary of Luis, Gatekeeper of the Planegazers

(most entries are personal thoughts about working in silence and life in isolation)

Day 34: I maintain this little patch of soil now and the pig and sheep are quite happy now. The rice I have sown this afternoon will make for a great meal some day.

Day 36: The mechanism to access the headquarters is now complete. It will take some time for everyone to adjust to the procedure but it was necessary. For the cause.

Day 56: Not everyone seems to get used to how the gates work. I refrain from making this any simpler, our security and safety is at risk. Not to mention the whole operation. You just need to have the right coordinates in your sphere. It's not hard and I certainly won't give them any hints.

Day 68: A great day down here today. That is... if it is actually daytime. I really hope I didn't miscount or something. At least I know which day it is. Note: ah I forgot to write down if it's a weekday or not, I'll have to ask some of the other Planegazers next time they come through here.

Day 131: Rice and vegetables, every day rice and vegetables. I cannot... I just don't want to eat the same stuff everyday. My trusty Erna here will be a tasty change on the menu.

Day 187: No pig on the menu this year, Erna will be spared. Since I don't like sheep meat eather, I'll just have rice and vegetables today. Again.

Day 225: Nobody came through this week. Maybe next week, it's getting quite boring here.

Day 269: I wonder if I can ask for a day off? Nobody cam through for over a month now, guess I will just stay here. Someone needs to secure this entrance.

Day 342: I couldn't bring myself over eating Erna. She was pregnant and... well it's more pigs now! So at least I got some new company. The sheep did produce a lot of wool this year.

Day 378: Nobody comes. I wonder what everyone's doing? Where is everyone? Should I leave my post? I don't know what to do. I'm not authorised to just enter and take a look. But what if I'm forced to one day? When will that day be?

Day 425: I cannot leave my post. I decided to stay here and wait for whatever happens. There must be a reason for this, a serious reason. These halls were bustling with fellow Planegazers and I bet they still are. They just won't come out for... some reason. I will stay here and hold out.

Day 426: I cannot wait here any longer. I need to go in myself and take a look, something's not right. I will leave my diary here for... well, I guess it won't be of much use to anyone, since I didn't write anything about how all this works! Ha! Oh yes, I kept this secret entrance well and I will continue to keep it. Now to grab some vegetables before I leave and off I go.

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