You see Lokur
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Hey, send a letter to your friend now and then. Keep in touch, you know.
  • Also selling weekly tickets for the ore wagon service!
  • Welcome to the post and bank office!
  • If you need help with letters or parcels, just ask me. I can explain everything.


In the Kazordoon depot


His full name is Lokur Stampsmasher, son of Earth, from the Dragoneaters.
If you have completed the Postman Quest, Parcels cost 10 gp and Letters 5 gp. If you have completed The Hidden City of Beregar Quest, he will recite the poem of Beregar to you if you ask him for a poem.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Label Household Items Household Items1
Letter 1Household Items Household Items5
Parcel 2Household Items Household Items10

Saying either ticket or ore wagon:
Item Price (gp)
Wagon Ticket 250


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Player: hi
Lokur: How may I help you Player? Ask me for a trade if you want to buy something. I can also explain the mail system, sell tickets for the ore wagon service or give you access to your bank account.
Player: name
Lokur: My name is Lokur Stampsmasher, son of Earth of the Dragoneaters.
Player: job
Lokur: I'm the royal post dwarf and I'm really proud of it. Lately I accepted the offer of running the Bank.
Player: postman
Lokur: With our mail system you can send letters and parcels to other Tibians. I can either explain how letters and parcels work or sell them to you if you ask me for a trade.
Player: Bank
Lokur: We can change money for you. You can also access your bank account or your guild account options.
Player: ore wagon
Lokur: Your weekly ticket is still valid. Would be a waste of money to purchase a second one.
Player: poem
Lokur: I only know the poem of the ancient tribe. I used to tell it to my son when he was a little boy. Wanna hear it?
Player: yes
Lokur: Alright, here we go: There was a time when all was right. ...
Lokur: Two tribes united in the land of the gods. ...
Lokur: They envied themselves and there was a fight. ...
Lokur: One tribe left against great odds, ...
Lokur: never to see the great citadel again, ...
Lokur: abandon their forges, their former home. ...
Lokur: All thoughts of homecoming have been in vain, ...
Lokur: Kazordoon was founded and ended their roam.
Player: bye
Lokur: Come back if you need my services, Player.

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