You see a locker (Vol:4).


There are multiple lockers in every Depot and one in each Guildhall.


Lockers are storage in the game, so that you can keep items in a safe place while not using them.
Lockers are located in every Depot, which are found in every hometown except Rookgaard and the Island of Destiny, as well as in the Gnomebase Alpha, in Krailos and in Feyrist. A Locker contains 4 slots: the Depot Chest (which contains 17 Depot Boxes), the Supply Stash, an Inbox and access to the Market.


Lockers are unique to one character, and all items will be available for the character from every Depot.

There is a maximum amount of items which the Locker can handle, and that limit is 2,000 items for free account players and 10,000 items for premium account players. When the depot is full, the following message appears in green:

Your depot is full. Remove surplus items before storing new ones.

Amount of Lockers in every town's depot:


  • Prior to Updates/9.4 lockers did not contain the Inbox nor the Market and they also had 29 slots, besides the Depot Chest. A locker was installed in every Guildhall in Updates/10.71.
  • Until the Update 10.90, the Lockers were not Global, and the items were found directly inside the Depot Chest, since there were no Depot Boxes. You had to travel to a given city in order to access the items stored there.
  • The Supply Stash was only added with Updates/11.80.