You see a lizard dragon priest.
  • I ssssmell warm blood!


Ancient texts tell us about a time when the priests of the empire did not revere the dragons but one or more other entities. It seems that of all parts of lizard society, the priesthood changed the most due to the arrival of the dragons. In the last few decades, the old customs seem to have been forgotten if not suppressed, and an entirely new tradition was founded. Today, there is hardly any knowledge left about the dragons' predecessors.
Although the Lizard Dragon Priests are a rather young order, they have been taught powerful magic by their dragon masters. Their skill in manipulating fire is rivalled only by few in the known world, and they enjoy conflagrations just like ritual arson. Still, the flame is seen only as one visual manifestation of the power of the dragons. Instead, they often use stylised dragons or items that have a relation to dragons as symbols for their belief. In their behaviour, the Lizard Dragon Priests try to emulate the dragons which is often mirrored in their fighting style.
However, the powers of the Lizard Dragon Priests do not only encompass the calling of flames and blazes. Some of their apparent powers are not related to their reverence of the dragons. Whether their affinity to poison and corruption is a reminiscent of the past or somehow related to the dragons is still a mystery. Astonishingly enough for a culture so bound to traditions and formalism, the priesthood lacks proper ranks and offices. Instead an individual Lizard Dragon Priest may by skill or intrigues create its own individual office.

This creature was added with the Christmas Update 2009. As of Summer Update 2010, this creature can be skinned with an Obsidian Knife to obtain Lizard Leather. See also: Lizard Leather/Skinning.


Melee (0-50), Fireball (125-190), Stalagmite (poisons you), Self-Healing (200-330), Invisibility, Summons 2 Dragon Hatchlings at once

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Keeps its distance while shooting fire missiles. Runs in low health.


Kill it as soon as you can, since it can be annoying as it summons up to 2 Dragon Hatchlings and heals fairly quick.
Mages: Shoot an Energy Bomb on it. It won't leave the fields (provided it is in the center). Position yourself in front of it and attack it with Spells, Runes and your Wand or Rod.