You see Lily
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Are you injured or poisoned? Get your potions here! All natural, no artificial ingredients!
  • Hey you, over there! Let's have a little chat, shall we?
  • Oh, just in case you are looking for the marketplace and dungeons, just follow the path to the east.
  • Anyone got some cookies for me?
  • Do you need help? Just ask me about anything you'd like to know!
  • I'm buying all of your blueberries for my famous blueberry juice!


Southern Rookgaard.


She is the only NPC buying Blueberries, but they aren't in her trade window, so you will have to ask her about them to sell them.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Blueberry 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink1
Cookie Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink1
Empty Potion Flask (Small) Other Items Other Items5
Vial Household Items Household Items5
  • 1 In packs of 5 and by saying blueberry.


Item   Value
Antidote Potion Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink50
Small Health Potion Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink20


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Player: Hi
Lily: Welcome, Player! You look a little stressed today. If you like to view my offers of potions, just ask me for a trade. In case you're looking for the marketplace and dungeons, just follow the path to the east!,
Player: Trade
Lily: Of course, just browse through my offers. If you buy a potion, don't forget that there's a deposit of 5 gold on the empty flask.
Player: Deposit
Lily: I will pay you 5 gold for every empty vial and potion flask. Just ask me for a trade.
Player: Help
Lily: How can I help you? If you like to buy something, just ask me for a trade. We can also chat about Tibia. Or, I could give you general hints about the game.
Player: Monster
Lily: Lily: Sadly, our little village of Rookgaard is invaded by monsters. From the dungeons they creep to the surface and attack the city. We always need adventurers helping us to fight them.
Player: Rookgaard
Lily: Well, in this village and its surroundings you can train your skills until you are level 8. Then you should see the oracle and head to the main continent.
Player: Dungeons
Lily: Lily: If you need information about the dungeons here, you should talk to one of the bridge guards. They will show you where to go.
Player: Fight
Lily: If you want to fight monsters, you should get better equipment from the merchants. You should also talk to one of the bridge guards to find suitable monsters for you.
Player: Guards
Lily: Our bridge guards are Dallheim and Zerbrus. You can find Dallheim if you follow the path to the right, then turn north at the temple.
Player: Train
Lily: To train your skills, simply help us fighting monsters.
Player: Job
Lily: I'm a druid, bound to the spirit of nature. My potions will help you if you feel bad. I also buy blueberries and cookies. Just ask me for a trade.
Player: Name
Lily: My name is Lily, like the flower. It also stands for purity, just like my potions are!
Player: Time
Lily: It's about 4:47 am. But does it really matter? Don't rush yourself and enjoy all these little moments.
Player: Hyacinth
Lily: Hyacinth also sells small health potions. He lives outside the village, in a hidden place.
Player: King
Lily: I think Tibia would be a better place without authorities who lead others to war. Can't we just all live in peace?
Player: Tibia
Lily: Tibia is our beautiful world, created by the gods. Being a druid, I'm a worshipper of Crunor.
Player: Druid
Lily: Being a druid is a wonderful profession. You control the forces of nature and can heal others.
Player: Crunor
Lily: Crunor is the great lord of trees and the creator of all plants. Despite what some people believe, he didn't create the monsters, though.
Player: Hint
Lily: If you don't know the meaning of an icon on the right side, move the mouse cursor on it and wait a moment.
Lily: Send private messages to other players by right-clicking on the player or the player's name and select 'Message to ....'. You can also open a 'private message channel' and type in the name of the player.
Lily: Use the shortcuts 'SHIFT' to look, 'CTRL' for use and 'ALT' for attack when clicking on an object or player.
Lily: If you already know where you want to go, click on the automap and your character will walk there automatically if the location is reachable and not too far away.
Lily: To open or close skills, battle or VIP list, click on the corresponding button to the right.
Lily: 'Capacity' restricts the amount of things you can carry with you. It raises with each level.
Lily: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
Lily: Always eat as much food as possible. This way, you'll regenerate health points for a longer period of time.
Lily: After you have killed a monster, you have 10 seconds in which the corpse is not moveable and no one else but you can loot it.
Lily: Be careful when you approach three or more monsters because you only can block the attacks of two. In such a situation even a few rats can do severe damage or even kill you.
Lily: There are many ways to gather food. Many creatures drop food but you can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you have a fishing rod and worms in your inventory, you can also try to catch a fish.
Lily: Baking bread is rather complex. First of all you need a scythe to harvest wheat. Then you use the wheat with a millstone to get flour. ...
Lily: This can be be used on water to get dough, which can be used on an oven to bake bread. Use milk instead of water to get cake dough.
Lily: Dying hurts! Better run away than risk your life. You are going to lose experience and skill points when you die.
Lily: When you switch to 'Offensive Fighting', you deal out more damage but you also get hurt more easily.
Lily: When you are on low health and need to run away from a monster, switch to 'Defensive Fighting' and the monster will hit you less severely.
Lily: Many creatures try to run away from you. Select 'Chase Opponent' to follow them.
Lily: The deeper you enter a dungeon, the more dangerous it will be. Approach every dungeon with utmost care or an unexpected creature might kill you. This will result in losing experience and skill points.
Lily: Due to the perspective, some objects in Tibia are not located at the spot they seem to appear (ladders, windows, lamps). Try clicking on the floor tile the object would lie on.
Lily: If you want to trade an item with another player, right-click on the item and select 'Trade with ...', then click on the player with whom you want to trade.
Lily: Stairs, ladders and dungeon entrances are marked as yellow dots on the automap.
Lily: You can get food by killing animals or monsters. You can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you are too lazy or own too much money, you can also buy food.
Lily: Quest containers can be recognised easily. They don't open up regularly but display a message 'You have found ....'. They can only be opened once.
Lily: Better run away than risk to die. You'll lose experience and skill points each time you die.
Lily: You can form a party by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. The party leader can also enable 'Shared Experience' by right-clicking on him- or herself.
Lily: You can assign spells, the use of items, or random text to 'hotkeys'. You find them under 'Options'.
Lily: You can also follow other players. Just right-click on the player and select 'Follow'.
Lily: You can found a party with your friends by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. If you are invited to a party, right-click on yourself and select 'Join Party'.
Lily: Only found parties with people you trust. You can attack people in your party without getting a skull. This is helpful for training your skills, but can be abused to kill people without having to fear negative consequences.
Lily: The leader of a party has the option to distribute gathered experience among all players in the party. If you are the leader, right-click on yourself and select 'Enable Shared Experience'.
Lily: There is nothing more I can tell you. If you are still in need of some hints, I can repeat them for you.
Player: Bye
Lily: Take care, Player

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