Orcs, Orc Warriors, Orc Spearmen a single Orc Berserker, possibly an Orc Shaman, Bonelords.

Required Equipment


  • Go into the Ancient Temple, north of Thais (here).
  • Once down the steps, follow this path to the south and go down a level:

Life Ring Quest 1.png

  • Next, you will head East, through some Orcs. You will come to some water, and a drawbridge. If the bridge is down, go across it, otherwise, you will need to flip the switch. The lever is located around to the south of the drawbridge, through a narrow passage (marked on the map). There might be one Orc Berserker here.

Life Ring Quest 2.png

  • Cross the drawbridge and keep going east (through two Bonelords) and then south, through two more Bonelords, until you reach a dead-end against some water.
  • The pick hole is hidden against the west wall (circled on the map).
  • Be prepared to face three Bonelords at once down this hole. The easiest way to do this is to run to the box and take the reward then go up.
  • The quest box is in the north-east corner of this room.
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