You see a life ring (faster regeneration) that is brand-new.
It weighs 0.80 oz.


The ring gives 8 manapoints and 2 hitpoints every 6 seconds on top of your normal regeneration rate for the 20 minutes that it lasts, which results in additional 1600 manapoints and 400 hitpoints in total; 3200 manapoints and 800 hitpoints if the player is inside a Resting Area and double regeneration is unlocked.

See the GP/MP, GP/HP, Cap/MP and Cap/HP efficiency tables for comparisons of the different items that regenerates your mana and hit points.

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You can get Life Crystals exchanged for Life Rings by speaking to Chester Kahs. You can also obtain 1 of these rings from the Life Ring Quest, Darashia Dragon Quest and Behemoth Quest. A life ring is used in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
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Trade Details

Buy From

AlexanderEdron900 Gold
KhannaIssavi1,000 Gold
Yaman1Mal'ouquah900 Gold

Sell To

Yaman1Mal'ouquah50 Gold