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Libera was merged along with Mythera and Rubera into a new world Umera on November 10, 2014.

General Information

  • The name Libera is derived from Latin "Liber", meaning "free, unrestricted".

Player Achievements

  • Libera's first character in main, as well as first level 100 was "Lane".
  • Libera's Horned Helmet was owned by Lane. It is now currently "lost".
  • Libera's first level 100 player was Lane
  • Libera's first level 200 player was Merrygold.
  • Libera's first level 300 was Buckrodgers (who now resides on Menera).
  • Libera's first character to finish The Demon Oak Quest was Motugoru.

Advantages of playing here

  • It's easy to make friends.


  • Libera is famous for its wars. The oldest one, possibly being Citadel, lead by Rorc vs. Nobelis, lead by Lane. A traitor named Evicor, tricked Rorc into giving him his E-plate and Demon Legs (the only ones at the time) for a screenshot. He then logged out and gave/sold them to Lane, an event which possibly ended the war.
  • Before that time, there were many wars, most of them involving Lane. A legendary one was led by Lord Kavalor, who challenged Lanes' whole guild alone, in a time when the highest level chars weren't really strong (lvl 30+/-)
  • The leading guild on Libera is Final.
  • There is currently no guilds at war on Libera.


  • Like most servers, for current war on server prices going high, services for quests happening in 4 in 4 month, and almost all times people have problems with other side in guild. Libera's economy has gradually degrades as the supply increased. For example, Annihilator items are 200-300k and Inquisition items are 800-950k, while Pits of Inferno rewards Soft Boots (which can be bought for 350-450k).

Rares - Equipment

  1. Shield of Honour - 2x Shield of Honour owned by Emperor Gildao and the another by Emperor Ame.
  2. Ravenwing - Ravenwing owned by Emperor Gildao & Duchess Minnie.
  3. Velvet Mantle - Velvet Mantle owned by Emperor Gildao & Duchess Minnie.
  4. Oceanborn Leviathan Armor - Oceanborn Leviathan Armor owned by Emperor Gildao & Duchess Minnie.
  5. Tempest Shield - Tempest Shield owned by Emperor Ame.
  6. Broken Amulet - Broken Amulet owned by Emperor Gildao & Duchess Minnie.

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