Permits vertical movement via levitation, up or down one level.


The red squares shows where to stand when levitating up beside entrances.

Very useful spell. Instead of using a stack of Parcels, you can use this spell to climb onto ledges or houses. Only premium account players can learn this spell.

Advantages of this spell include no need to carry parcels and a greater ability to go up in certain places! In an archway, you need to stand on 3 parcels and have something blocking you from walking underneath the archway instead of on top of it. Levitate does not have this issue.
Warning note: In some places you can levitate up or down after cuting grass but if the grass grows back again you won't be able to levitate over it, and you will end up trapped.

Try the spell on flat walls or in front of doorway openings. The caster must be facing the cliff, wall or entrance for this spell to work. The caster cannot move up or down more than one level at a time. If this spell is cast and the character is not in the correct square to levitate, then no mana is lost.

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