Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Various
Position 127.23, 125.28, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race ?
Occupational Properties
Job Informer
Other Properties
Version 10.94
May 31, 2016
Status Active
Lesser Messenger of Heaven
You see Lesser Messenger of Heaven.


South-west of Dwarven Bridge (here) and north of Edron (here)


It explains about the Otherworld. Looks like a Redeemed Soul. See also the Messenger of Heaven.


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Player: hi
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Be greeted mortal! Be on {guard}, dire times are at hand.
Player: guard
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: {Malignant} forces from beyond our world are rampaging through {reality} and threatening {existence} itself.
Player: Malignant
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Forces beyond our {comprehension} are tearing on our world. It is their intention to unmake {reality}. What we see here is only a symptom of an illness that has befallen existence.
Player: reality
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Everything you see and experience is only a small part of reality. Most of it is beyond your grasp and {comprehension}. The invisible and more fragile parts of reality are the ones that suffer most right now.
Player: existence
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: The boundaries have been weakened and destructive forces are pouring into our realm. The {vortex} that you see is only one of many and it is slowly weakening our {world}.
Player: comprehension
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: An unspeakable thing that was not meant to be and that lurked in a place that does not exist has been foolishly allowed into our world. ...
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: What you see here is only the fallout of its worming its way into existence and yet, the thing is that unfathomable that the process is tearing the world apart.
Player: world
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Each incursion is hurting the world, eating away its strength. But creation is strong and can {heal} and recover over time. ...
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Yet you will have to weaken the incursions as much as you can to give the world the needed time to heal.
Player: vortex
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: The {vortex} is actually a wound. The devouring nothing lies beyond. Only by destroying the {minions} from beyond and entering the vortex, the dreadful {force} behind it all might be stopped.
Player: heal
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Healing takes time and strength. The lesser the damage caused by the incursions, the lesser time and strength is needed to heal. ...
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Eventually, though, the world will succumb to its wounds unless the potency of the incursions can be weakened {significantly}.
Player: significantly
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Only by entering the {Heart} of Destruction and by challenging the {devourer} of the worlds, the incursions can be weakened. But that is for another to reveal.
Player: Heart
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: It's not for me to discuss this.
Player: devourer
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: It's not for me to discuss this.
Player: force
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: The dreadful knowledge will taint your soul soon enough. For now, it is sufficient to say it is an enemy of life and existence.
Player: minions
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: This vortex is only a minor incursion. To truly challenge the powers from beyond, you'll have to enter a more threatening incursion. ...
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Still, your help is valuable. We can't allow such incursion to occur without resistance. ...
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: By entering the vortex and slaying the creatures there, you'll reduce the toll it takes from reality.
Player: bye
Lesser Messenger of Heaven: Farewell!

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