Fat Green Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Brown Thin book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

Legends of the Kha'labal IV - Drefia's Downfall

Many are the legends concerning Gha'Zuul’s cometlike career in the necromancer city. Working with superhuman resolve and ruthlessly exterminating all real or imaginary competition, Gha'Zuul managed to rise to the top of the Drefian hierarchy within a few decades, and when a bizarre accident happened to the president of the High Council, Gha'Zuul took his place. He was the first necromancer to take this position while still being alive. However, being the foremost necromancer was still not enough to satisfy Gha'Zuul’s thirst for power. He had great plans for Drefia. Under his rule the necromancer city would expand and conquer, taking over control of the north and perhaps of the whole of Darama! It was his idea to propose an alliance to the Efreet, and when the decisive battle drew near he personally raised the necromancers' troops to march against the Marid.

The rest is well-known. Drefia's troops suffered a decisive defeat in the battle of Ankrahmun. Those undead who were not destroyed during the futile siege of Ankrahmun were pulverised in the searing heat his own allies had summoned. Gha'Zuul realised soon enough that his career in Drefia was rapidly drawing to an end, for if the Marid did not kill him his fellow necromancers surely would. And so he disappeared...

Today, there are nothing but rumours as to what happened to Gha'Zuul after the failed campaign. However, many believe that Gha'Zuul is still out there, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge just like he used to do when he was still a little nomad boy.

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