Fat Green Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Brown Thin book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

Legends of the Kha'labal III - Gha'Zuul the Necromancer

Gha'Zuul grew up a simple boy among one of the northern nomad tribes. A frail and meagre child, he was frequently the target of the other childrens' jeers as well as of his despotic father's scorn. Hurt and angered by the constant humiliations, Gha'Zuul developed a bitter, unforgiving personality. He took notes of all the indignities he suffered, and he was determined to take revenge for every single one of them. One day, when his camp was attacked by an undead raiding party he decided it was time to get his revenge. Taking advantage of the general hullabaloo, Gha'Zuul sneaked up on his worst tormentor and quickly cut his throat. However, he had made a mistake when he thought that his crime would go unnoticed. One of the necromancers who was part of the raiding party sensed the evil of this deed, and since he was impressed by the young boy's obvious ruthlessness he ordered his undead troops to kidnap him. And so Gha'Zuul was brought to Drefia.

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