A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Old Fortress Library.

Legendary Curses
Volume VII
The Cyclopmania Sword Pt.1

Time and forge tell a story...
When the sword, known by some
as the "godsslayer", known by
all as a legend beyond reknown
and told to children as a
bedtime tale. But as in many
things, sometimes myth is
founded in fact.

Who's to say whether the old
story of the origins of this
sword are true or false?
Not you or I for sure. All
we know is what happened when
the sword resurfaced, these
many many years later. Not
found, but shown and given
by the gods to a virtuous
warrior, for his knowledge
and skill.

This man, as
skilled in magic and the lost
arts of the land, treasured
this sword, as any would.
But whether in the wisdom of
knowing the sword would not
be best served in his care,
or foretelling of the curse,
or fear at the temptation of
power, or perhaps even greed,
he decided he would
relinquish his claim on the
blade. Commoners, nobles,
villains, and wise men alike
all clamored for the sword.
For the power it could bring
or for the fame it would
sing, it was covetted as
few things in this world have

In the end it brought
together two who would
otherwise be the bitterest
of enemies. They pooled
their resources, where
apart they would neither
one be sufficient to ransom
this weapon, together they
outbid their competition.
Ill-gotten gains and
righteous loot were stacked
as one and more was borrowed,
but at last the bounty was
high enough that the owner
agreed to hand over the sword.

Since none of those involved
felt any of the others were
to be trusted, even when
throwing their lots in
together to buy the sword,
they mutually agreed that
another party should combine
the wealth and chaperone the
transaction. For this task
they chose the most vaunted
merchant in all the lands.

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