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Legendary Curses
Volume VII
The Cyclopmania Sword Pt.2

This merchant, being a man of
no small wealth himself, and
having been issued a deposit
by one of the purchasers
already, acquired the sword
from it's purveyor, and
placed into safekeeping until
such time as the rest of the
debt was paid. In the days
that followed, he was given the
balance of the sum owed, and
as the last bit of gold,
platinum, and valuables was
passed over the table, he
smiled, thanked the gentlemen,
locked his storage box and
bid them farewell.

This would be known as the
biggest theft in all of Tibia,
and to this day it stands as
an example of what a simple
sword can do. Drive a
virtuous man to greed;
bring enemies together, and,
in the end, cause more
strife between them than
ever before; make a famed
trader ruin his reputation
and indeed, even his ability
to roam the streets safely.
All for fame and power.

The sword now secreted away
in his collection, and he
himself in all but exile,
shows that despite the costs
paid, the fame and the money,
the sword is as much lost
to the world as it was
before. It came, it
destroyed as per it's
function- for it is a
sword after all, even though
it may never again cut flesh
it still manages to rend
things apart. The curse
(which some say comes from
the blood of Brog which
long ago tainted the blade)
will stay with it
wherever it lies, and it
is probably best that it
remains lost again, lest
it should cause worse pain
than it already has.

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