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Legendary Curses
Volume IX
The Mage's Shield Pt.1

Time and forge tell a story...
A story of a dwarven genius, whose
creations were known the land over.
He made contraptions and confections,
simple innovations and great
revelations, but above all these stood
his shields. Forged with a technique
forgotten long ago, and imbued with
magic so that they would stand the test
of both time and war, these shields
of the mastermind were prized among
collectors- but even more among warriors.

One particular shield, passing from
hand to hand, ended up in the
possession of an intrepid explorer.
With it in his hand he delved
deeper than he ever would have before,
with no fear now with this great
artifact to protect him. And soon
he learned (although it was a brief
lesson) that even the best shield won't
save you from everything.

An ancient, cast out by the gods for
betraying the powers granted him,
found a rift through which he could
re-enter our plane of existence.
Twisted and forsaken, he strode
through the tunnels and lava deep
beneath the earth, killing those
who did not succumb to his will
immediately. Our intrepid
adventurer being a good example
of one who took the more painful
of those options. The demon was
now armed with one of the greatest
pieces of corporeal protection this
world has ever known. And despite
that, he too fell in arrogance.

Thus the shield passed to his
destroyer, a mage of extraordinary
power. This mage was known
for her discoveries and
accomplishments, as well as her
no-nonsense disposition.
Realizing the shield would be of
better use in hands other than her
own, she graciously passed
ownership (temporarily) to one of
her friends. Some say this is the
only thing that saved her life from
the same fate that befell the
shield's previous owners.

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