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Legendary Curses
Volume IX
The Mage's Shield Pt.2

One day, the new carrier of the
shield was sparring with his
longtime companion. Lost in the
heat of combat, or perhaps just
the routine of it, they did not
notice the young man creeping towards
them. As weak as this man was,
and as strong as the two companions
were, no-one was surprised at
the speed at which he dispatched the
two. It was all attributed to the
curse of the shield. Hefting his
newly plundered loot, the young man
scurried back into the shadows, and
was never seen again, although it is
said sometimes you can hear his
voice whispering when the events of
that day are recounted.

To this day, wily adventurers are
wary of any of those ancient shields
they stumble across, for they may
be the cursed shield of the
mastermind that brings not protection,
but death to whomever wields it.

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