This book has no notes.

  • The events starts each 4 hours. You will get an information 15 minutes in advance.
  • When the event starts, all participants will be teleported into the challenge area.
  • Use your wand of tricks while standing on the white ground floor. You should do this immediately after your teleport.
  • You will be turned into a certain animal and only have a few seconds to reach the corresponding teleporter.
  • If you do not manage to reach the teleporter, you have lost your chance on that occasion and are out.
  • If you have managed to reach the safety of a room, you will be teleported back to the central chamber where the procedure begins anew.
  • The next cycle works the same but will grant you less time to reach safety.
  • This will continue for a given time.
  • In the end, at least one participant has to reach safety.
  • If no participant is left before the event ends, the event fails.
  • A world needs a certain amount of successful events in order to succeed.
  • Avoid slimes as they will slow you down.
  • Take notice of the changing floor tiles which will change your movement rate drastically.