Test your ability in a challenge of wits and agility. Will your world be richly blessed or will you leave Kurik unimpressed?


Darashia (north of town, here).


Possibly lured Wasps and Nomads around the entrance, but nothing can harm you during the challenge.


Shapeshifter Ring, Reward Box, the Master Shapeshifter achievement and a temporary 20% increase in respawn rates for the server.

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This event starts on the 20th of each month (unless there is a World Quest active or about to be launched that same day) and runs until the 25th.

Required Equipment


  • There will be a new round every four hours (starting from Server Save) once the event has started. Every round will be announced fifteen minutes in advance by the message The darashian journey will begin in 15 minutes!.

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Last creep standing 1.jpg

  • When it does and you are teleported to the challenge area, use your Shapechanger. Doing this will disguise you as one of the following creatures:
  • You now have to make your way to the teleporter that is associated with the creature you are disguised as. More of the dummies which you already saw in Casper's room will indicate which teleporter belongs to which disguise.

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  • Entering the right teleporter in time will transport you to a smaller room where you will have to wait a bit before the next cycle begins. Failing to do so means you can no longer participate in the current round.
  • Seven more cycles will follow, each granting you less time to reach the right teleporter than the previous.
  • Make it through all eight cycles to win this round for the entire server and be teleported into the reward room. A certain amount of the total of 30 rounds needs to be won in order for the server to win the entire event.

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Anyone who manages to do every disguise with the Shapechanger will also receive the Master Shapeshifter achievement during the event, and any server that wins enough rounds will get a temporary 20% increase in respawn rates.

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Obtaining a Shapechanger

Player: hi
Casper: Hello and greetings! How I love our meetings!
Player: change
Casper: Since you asked that cute and nice, I offer you this strange device.

Last Creep Standing

Obtaining Casper's Part of the Reward

Player: hi
Casper: Hello and greetings! How I love our meetings!
Player: reward
Casper: Thanks little hero for trying so hard. In the name of Lord Kurik here is your reward!

Last Creep Standing