Under the sands of the Kha'labal are vast caves created and inhabited by Larvae, Scarabs and Ancient Scarabs. To open these caves, you must use a Shovel on the sand. Note that it may not open with the first try, so you must keep trying until the hole appears.


NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
447036 (35 Physical Damage, Earth Damage)
Ancient Scarab.gif
Ancient Scarab
7201000381 (210 Physical Damage, 171 Earth Damage) + 105 Summons.


There are 5 Larva Caves:

  • Near the west exit of Ankrahmun. It's located here. If you are looking for Ancient Scarabs, go down here and then here. It is the biggest and most difficult spot, dangerous for lower level paladins and mages - it resembles a chain consisting of several caves. Also, the lair of Fleshcrawler is located here, at the very end of the cave.

Larva Cave 1.png Scarab Cave 1.png

Larva Cave 2.png Scarab Cave 2.png

  • North of the north exit of Ankrahmun. It's located here. If you are looking for Ancient Scarabs, go down here and then here. This spot is particularly dense, it may happen that you lure Ancient Scarabs you don't want to. What's more, there is only one field space between stairs and the wall, so you can be easily blocked by a summoned Larva while running around the staircase and shooting.

Larva Cave 3.png Scarab Cave 3.png

  • Between the tar pits and ancient ruins. It's located here.

Larva Cave 4.png Scarab Cave 4.png

Larva Cave 5.png Scarab Cave 5.png


For Larvae:

  • Just don't let them surround you, a group of Larvae can be dangerous attacking at the same time.

For Scarabs:

  • Knights: They don't have much defense, just don't let them surround you, they can deal huge damage when in group, an exori will help you in such a situation. If you use a weapon enchanted with fire it will also help a great deal.
  • Mages: A good tactic is to use Wands or Rods & exori flam, since scarabs take good damage from them. Watch out because they'll run when in low health, don't chase them for too long or you may get surrounded by larvae and scarabs. If you get surrounded a GFB can take care of the situation. It's a good idea to take a Terra Hood or Terra Boots to lower the poison damage you'll receive.

For Ancient Scarabs:

  • Remember that spawn of Larvas, Scarabs, and Ancient Scarabs can no longer be blocked.
  • If you are paladin or mage, staircase will be your best defensive weapon against Ancient Scarabs - just run around it. In case of emergency don't hesitate to use Fire Bomb Runes to block Ancient Scarab or to create more space to run safety next to the staircase.
  • Don't kill Scarabs - it is better to let them run at deep red hp.
  • Try to estimate the respawn time of the Ancient Scarab near the staircase (it is approximately 5 min, but the exact time may vary due to the number of players on-line): runnig into it with other Scarabs behind your back may send you back to temple. It is also advisable to know the exact spot of Ancient's respawn.


These hunting areas are good source of food for mages, you can make a nice food loot while hunting scarabs.