You see a larva.


    The Larva of the Daramian desert scarab is a small, yet poisonous insect that usually avoids the sun and dwells only underground. Lacking the hard shells which protect older scarabs and moving rather slowly, they do not pose a too dangerous threat to a well armed warrior. However, in greater numbers they can bring down even a capable foe. Since they usually prefer to remain with their siblings, it is unfortunately not rare to encounter a pack of them at once.

    They have low defense and are found in large groups, making them good for leveling.
    Looks the same as a Parasite.


    Melee (0-35), Poisons you for 1 hp per turn.

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    A larva never retreats.


    Just kill them, they're not strong. Knights: Use the same tactic as always, weapon and shield, just treat it like a Rotworm.
    Paladins: Can hunt larvas with spears and a shield from a low level, perhaps dragging spears to a spawn would be helpful.
    Mages: Should use low level wands/rods to save mana unless you are using Mana Potions. If you do, then a level 19+ wand/rod will help you kill these much faster, if you don't care about the waste. You can also wear any item from the Terra Set or a Silver Amulet to avoid the damage from their poison. Mages could also use a melee weapon while rune making or spend mana on hasting to get to the Larva faster, as the cave's ground makes you walk slowly.


    As of November 16, 2011, Larvas as well as other poison-causing creatures can no longer be convinced. This was to prevent PvP abuse whereby a player would trick another player into convincing creatures that would later frag low level characters with poison applied earlier. After enough kills the player would obtain a Red Skull and would lose all items belonging to them upon being killed. More can be read in the news article "Content Fixes".