Property Value
General Properties
Name Large Seashell (Closed)
Item ID 197
Classification Animals
Other Properties
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active
Large Seashell (Closed).gif
You see a large seashell.
Maybe there's something inside of it.


Calassa, Frozen Trench, Sea Serpent Area, Quara Grotto, Krailos' Water Elementals area and on the surface of Feyrist and Kilmaresh.


Looks the same as a Seashell (Large).

You can open it every 20 hours with a chance to:

  • find a Giant Shimmering Pearl
  • find nothing
  • squeeze your fingers resulting in a loss of 200 hp (equipment will lower the damage)

After opening it, it will turn into a Large Seashell (Open). See also: Large Seashell (Closed)/Statistics

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Finding 100 pearls in a Large Seashell results in the achievement Shell Seeker.
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