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Kyra was merged along with Nebula and Thoria into a new world Kenora on June 24, 2014.

About this World

Additional Info

  • First level 100 was Tetro Aurelius

- Second to level 100 was Xeretza

-Third to level 100 was Mizaeron

-Fourh to level 100 was Jinxz

  • First level 150 was Tetro Aurelius
  • First level 200 was Teraxul
  • First level 300 was Etenus

Player with the highest level

Golden GobletEtenuslevel 410, EK
Silver GobletLoyd Chrismaslevel 392, RP
Bronze GobletYello Poerlevel 388, RP

Player with the best skill

Solar AxeAxeShadius Sham107
The StomperClubMeriadox104
The DevileyeDistanceYello Poer121
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistKokoda72
Emerald SwordSwordDeewixo105
Rainbow ShieldShieldingMigeroo103
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicCarla Fehr93
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingTomaszszo Rookgard100

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • No advantages actually on Kyra.


  • Most of the brazilian people speak very poorly English (if any) wich makes trade abit harder.
  • There is much PA and PK by brazilian people.
  • The economy of Kyra is very low, people are very greedy and typically pay very poorly.
  • It's not recommended to play there. Every newcomer is hunted.
  • The world is dominated by brazilian people. 

Most important Wars

Kyra was always at war here are some of its most important wars:


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