Krailos is an area of wilderness located on the continent of Oramond. You can travel to the island by ship from Edron, Darashia, Oramond or Venore.

The area used to be inhabited by intelligent beings who were experts in the fields of architecture and philosophy, but this civilisation came to an end after its members became immoral and unfaithful and a slave uprising took place. The fierce Ogres seized power and now rule the lands. They use races such as the Corym as slaves and hunt the native Clomp population for food. These ogres are divided into tribes which are frequently at war with one another because of the ogres' belligerent nature. Such tribes are led by the strongest ogre amongst them, who is assisted by a shaman. The two often form a couple.

The ogres worship a god known to them as The Great Hunger, to which they often make sacrifices. They believe that when an earthquake happens it is actually the belly of The Great Hunger which rumbles and needs to be satisfied.

The Krailos Village is the main settlement on the area of Krailos and home to the Bloody Skull tribe. Apart from three Ogres, Nibble the goblin and Larek the human also live here.

The Krailos Quest takes place here.

There are several other hunting areas:

Krailos NPCs (6 NPCs)
KayaKayaAssistantKrailos depot.
LarekLarekAdventurerKrailos depot.
NibbleNibbleTribe LeaderKrailos.
VuzrogVuzrogTribe LeaderKrailos.