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All kinds of Minotaurs, Nomad, Ghoul, Snake, Bonelord, Vampire, Crypt Shambler, Skeleton, Scorpion, Gargoyle, Koshei the Deathless (Possibly lured: Slime (Drefia), Scarab (Ruins), Larva (Ruins)), Skeleton Warrior(Drefia),Tarnished Spirit(Drefia),Lich(Drefia).


Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Blue Legs (also 50 Platinum Coins, but you will need to sacrifice this exact amount before you can get the reward).


  • Rope, or equivalent
  • Shovel, or equivalent
  • 5,000 gold
    If you plan to complete the quest you will receive 5,000 gold back. Note that you will not receive this if you decide to exit the quest with Koshei's Ancient Amulet, i.e. choose not to fight Koshei the Deathless.


Parts of Koshei's Amulet

First, you have to find all four broken amulet pieces:

After you have found all four pieces, go to A Sweaty Cyclops in Ab'Dendriel (here). To reach him go through the hole in the wheat field east of depot. Ask A Sweaty Cyclops about an amulet, pay him 5,000 gold and wait 24 hours. Go back and ask about the amulet again. You will receive Koshei's Ancient Amulet.

You can exit the quest here to keep the amulet, or you can continue with the quest. Note that by continuing the quest you forfeit the amulet.


Light the north and eastern torches and then use the Ancient Sundial in the center.

Note: This part will involve killing Koshei the Deathless. It is strongly recommended to have at least 2 level 40 players although higher levels should have no problems with it alone.

Go to the Darashia Deeper Catacombs, just east of Darashia (here).

You must open the staircase to go deeper. To do so, light the 2 torches (statues) to the north and east and ensure the others are turned off, before using the Ancient Sundial by the stairs. You will hear a "CLICK" sound in the south-west room. Go down the staircase that has been revealed in the coffin in that room.

Koshei Quest Map.png

Follow the cave south and turn east when you can. Descend the stairs. Go down the ladder. Use the Box to obtain 100 Gold Coins and fall down the covered pitfall at the south part of the small room. Walk all the way north and find a level 40 Gate of Expertise. Koshei the Deathless awaits inside. Kill Koshei and use Koshei's Ancient Amulet on The Remains of Koshei quickly because his corpse will disappear after a few seconds and you'll see the the messagee "At least I have it back, my precious amulet. I am glad you didn't use it! I allow you to ....ahh....enter door ..... ahh".

Koshei will only spawn if you have Koshei's Ancient Amulet. If you step outside Koshei's room he will despawn. If you fail to use the amulet on his corpse before it disappears he will immediately spawn to the north by the altar with the text "YOU FOOL! NOW DIE AND SERVE ME IN HELL!".

When you have finally slain Koshei the Deathless, go to the south and enter the western sealed door to claim your prize.


Player: hi
A Sweaty Cyclops: Hum Humm! Welcume here lil' Player.
Player: broken amulet
A Sweaty Cyclops: Me can do unbroken but Big Ben want gold 5000 and Big Ben need a lil' time to make it unbroken. Yes or no??
Player: yes
A Sweaty Cyclops: Well, well, I do that! Big Ben makes lil' amulet unbroken with big hammer in big hands! No worry! Come back after sun hits the horizon 24 times and ask me for amulet.

Koshei the Deathless Quest

After waiting 24 hours

Player: hi
A Sweaty Cyclops: Hum Humm! Welcume here lil' Player.
Player: broken amulet
A Sweaty Cyclops: Ahh, lil' one wants amulet. Here! Have it! Mighty, mighty amulet lil' one has. Don't know what but mighty, mighty it is!!!

Koshei the Deathless Quest

After you made the amulet

Player: hi
A Sweaty Cyclops: Hum Humm! Welcume here lil' Player.
Player: broken amulet
A Sweaty Cyclops: Big Ben no has it more! When you also no have it, you have lost mighty, mighty amulet! Stupid li'l one!

Koshei the Deathless Quest

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