Knightwatch Tower is used as the Nightmare Knights' outpost in southern Plains of Havoc. In the past, Key 3702 used to open this tower.

It is accessible since the Update 7.9, and now serves as a base for those who did the Dreamer's Challenge Quest. The tower is accessible from a pitfall just a bit north of the tower, beneath a tree near the water (here).

The tower has 4 floors:

These teleporters can only be used by Premium players, even the ones to other Free Account areas.

In order to use these teleporters you need to achieve a certain rank in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest, and you have to carry at least one Orichalcum Pearl with you. To be able to use the teleporters on the second floor, you will need to have reached the first rank in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest (Novice/Maggot). For the teleporters on the third floor, this is the second rank (Initiate/Hyaena), and for the teleporters on the fourth floor this is the fourth rank (Lord Protector/Dread Lord).