Property Value
Aliases Knight Addons Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(60+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active


If you spend your time fighting monsters and need that little extra protection, this well-armored outfit is great for you. Addons are usually awarded by knight guilds.


Sabrehaven (NPC Morgan) and Thais (NPC Gregor).


Creatures on the way to the last of mission of The Ape City Quest (Giant Spiders, Serpent Spawns, Hydras, and more). You might also have to fight more creatures in order to obtain certain items, but it is recommended to buy them from players instead.


Addons for the Knight Outfits & the achievement In Shining Armor.
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3 Outfit Knight Female Addon 3


These outfits may be selected by any player. Only the addons are included in this quest.


Outfit Knight Male Addon 1 Outfit Knight Female Addon 1

Required Equipment


  • You can obtain all of the items listed above before you start this quest. You are advised to collect the items before you talk to the NPC.
  • Talk to Morgan in Sabrehaven and ask him about "weapons". He will tell you that he can forge you either a Knight's Sword or a Warrior's Sword.
  • Tell him you want a "Knight's Sword".
  • He will tell you to bring him 100 pieces of Iron Ore and one piece of crude iron.
  • Once you bring him the items, he will give you the sword addon.


Player: Hi
Morgan: Hello there.
Player: Weapons
Morgan: Would you rather be interested in a knight's sword or in a warrior's sword?
Player: Knights sword
Morgan: Great! Simply bring me 100 Iron Ore and one Crude Iron and I will happily forge it for you.

When you collect all those items:

Player: Hi
Morgan: Hello there.
Player: Forge Weapon
Morgan: What would you like me to forge for you? A knight's sword or a warrior's sword?
Player: Knights sword
Morgan: Alright! As a matter of fact, I have one in store. Here you go!

Adorned Helmet (female)/Horned Helmet (male)

Outfit Knight Male Addon 2 Outfit Knight Female Addon 2

Required Equipment


Warning Icon Red

If you didn't talk to Gregor about Ramsay The Reckless lost Helmet in Banuta you will not be able to open the door and get the helmet!

  • Once you have all of the items needed, return to Gregor and he will send you to Sam in Thais to adorn your helmet for you. Then you have to wait 2 hours to get your new helmet.


Player: Hi
Gregor: Greetings, Player. What do you want?
Player: Outfit
Gregor: Only the bravest warriors may wear adorned helmets. They are traditionally awarded after having completed a difficult task for our guild.
Player: Task
Gregor: You mean, you would like to prove that you deserve to wear such a helmet?
Player: Yes
Gregor: Well then, listen closely. First, you will have to prove that you are a fierce and restless warrior by bringing me 100 perfect behemoth fangs. ...
Gregor: Secondly, please retrieve a helmet for us which has been lost a long time ago. The famous Ramsay the Reckless wore it when exploring an ape settlement. ...
Gregor: Third, we need a new flask of warrior's sweat. We've run out of it recently, but we need a small amount for the show battles in our arena. ...
Gregor: Lastly, I will have our smith refine your helmet if you bring me royal steel, an especially noble metal. ...
Gregor: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
Player: Yes
Gregor: Alright then. Come back to me once you have collected 100 perfect behemoth fangs.

Player: Behemoth fangs
Gregor: Have you really managed to fulfil the task and brought me 100 perfect behemoth fangs?
Player: Yes
Gregor: I'm deeply impressed, (brave Knight) Player. (Even if you are not a knight, you certainly possess knight qualities.) Now, please retrieve Ramsay's helmet.

Player: Ramsay the Reckless Helmet
Gregor: Did you recover the helmet of Ramsay the Reckless?
Player: Yes
Gregor: Good work, (brave Knight) Player! Even though it is damaged, it has a lot of sentimental value. Now, please bring me warrior's sweat.

Player: Warrior's sweat
Gregor: Were you able to get hold of a flask with pure warrior's sweat?
Player: Yes
Gregor: Now that is a pleasant surprise, (brave Knight) Player! There is only one task left now: Obtain royal steel to have your helmet refined.

Player: Royal steel
Gregor: Ah, have you brought the royal steel?
Player: Yes
Gregor: You truly deserve to wear an adorned helmet, (brave Knight) Player. Please talk to Sam and tell him I sent you. I'm sure he will be glad to refine your helmet.

Player: Adorned helmet
Sam: Oh, Gregor sent you? I see. It will be my pleasure to adorn your helmet. Please give me some time to finish it.

Player: Adorned helmet
Sam: Just in time, Player. Your helmet is finished, I hope you like it.

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