00:00 You see Skullfrost (Master: 'character name'). It will disappear in 14 minutes and 57 seconds.​

Knight summoned creature for lvl 200. He stands at 4 sqm from the knight target, shooting powerfull spells of wich are: (These are not exact values but approximated ones -needs more testing for exact values-)

  1. Ice strike: Between 300-350 dmg
  2. Sudden death: 300-350 dmg
  3. + shaped ice explotion: 200-250 dmg
  4. + shaped death explotion:200-250 dmg
  5. Ice bomb: 180-250 dmg
  6. Death bomb: 180-250 dmg

If a creature is near him, he can also melee for around 0-200 dmg.

He has LOTS of health. -Needs testing-. He will begin healing very quickly to full health after a short time out of combat.

EVERY turn, he will shoot any of the listed abilities. He won't shoot more than one of them per turn.

He requires 1000 mana to summon. Can be summoned by saying the magic words: Utevo gran res eq

All the experience 'gained' by the summon goes to the player. So there is no shared exp between your summon and you, like normal summon creature spell.

He will follow you at you movespeed and will go up and down stairs and holes with you. Lasts for 15 minutes with a 60 minutes cooldown. Can go with you to a protection zone, if you logout, he will disappear stopping the countdown of his timer, and will reappear when you login again.