You see Kjesse
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Western Svargrond, temple


He can heal you and tell about the Blessings.


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Player: hi
Kjesse: May the spirits be with you, Player!
Player: Svargrond
Kjesse: There is nothing wrong with seeking the shelter of a city but we have to be careful not to lose our connection with the spirits.
Player: Thais or Carlin or Venore
Kjesse: Speak to the outsiders who live here to learn about them and their cities.
Player: Edron
Kjesse: That is just another far away place of no concern to us.
Player: chakoya
Kjesse: Only the harsh nature of the land keeps the chakoyas at the bay. If they would grow in numbers, they would surely annihilate all life here.
Player: dwarf
Kjesse: Knowing the chakoya, we know better than to underestimate the small ones.
Player: elf
Kjesse: At least those creatures seem more in touch with nature then other outsiders.
Player: mine
Kjesse: The mines are lost territory. It's the problem of the people from Carlin though.
Player: yeti
Kjesse: The yeti does exist.
Player: cult
Kjesse: This is not of our concern.
Player: barbarian
Kjesse: In our old language it means as much as 'the true people'. I understand that the word has a slightly different meaning in other languages.
Player: blessing
Kjesse: There are five different blessings available in five sacred places. These blessings are: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude.
Player: wisdom
Kjesse: I can sense you already talked to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya and recieved this blessing.
Player: years of serpents
Kjesse: It was not natural for the sea serpents to behave that way. As suddenly as this behaviour started, as suddenly it ended. Nature got its way in the end.
Player: jarl
Kjesse: The jarl oversees all affairs of common interest. We shamans oversee the spiritual affairs.
Player: raiders
Kjesse: They enjoy violence and destruction. They are so wrong on their misguided way. That's all Yakchal's fault. She poisoned their minds with false ideas. She's a disgrace for all shamans.
Player: shaman or druid
Kjesse: Even though we call ourself shamans, our doctrines and our magic are quite similar to those of the druids.
Player: Chyll
Kjesse: That's the name of the spirit essence of the north wind.
Player: Nibelor
Kjesse: The isle of Nibelor has been the centre of our shamanistic forefathers in ancient times.
Player: name
Kjesse: I am Kjesse.
Player: job
Kjesse: I am a shaman.
Player: mission or task
Kjesse: Your mission should be to become one with nature. That is maybe the only way to bear Chyll's icy breath.
Player: king
Kjesse: Our jarl is more of a spokesperson. We don't know any kings or queens here.
Player: queen
Kjesse: Our jarl is more of a spokesperson. We don't know any kings or queens here.
Player: gods
Kjesse: Our believes are different from those of the outsiders. Ask on Nibelor to learn more about our believes.
Player: Ferumbras
Kjesse: He must be driven by the darkest spirits.
Player: Excalibug
Kjesse: It's only an outsider's tale.
Player: news
Kjesse: I am not overly interested in the affairs of men.
Player: offer
Kjesse: I have nothing to sell but I can tell you where to go if you want to get a blessing.
Player: how are you?
Kjesse: I am fine.
Player: bye
Kjesse: May the spirits guide your way, Player.