Property Value
Aliases Old Mintwallin Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log ?
Level 0
(15 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version ?
Status Active


This quest has no legend.

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This quest is a daily respawn. This means only one Character can get the rewards per Floor Reset.
It is recommended to do this quest after Server Save, so there is a higher chance nobody have gotten the reward before.

Recommended equipment


Ancient Temple-4
  • Go down the ladder to the north.
  • Follow the white line through the dungeon and climb down the ladder. You will likely encounter Rotworms, Poison Spiders and weaker Orcs.
  • There is a room with lots of Poison Gas but you only have to go through four of them. Cast the Antidote spell if you don't want to receive further damage and climb down.
Way to Kingdom of Kormarak

You see a sign.
You read: Home of the dead Kingdom of Kormarak
Enter and die!

  • Go up the stairs and you may have to kill three Ghouls that spawn there.

Kingdom of Kormarak respawn

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