King Zelos.gif
You see King Zelos.
  • Mine is the power of death! You can't defeat me!
  • I will rule again and my realm of death will span the world!
  • My lich-knights will conquer this world for me!


It's the final boss of the Grave Danger Quest.


Melee (0-1000?), Great Hex beam (reduces maximum hitpoints to 40%, healing received to 50% and damage dealt to 50%), Expanding Death Ring (1000-2000, starts as a small ring near the boss after being channeled and grows bigger every second), Blood Ring around self (?)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


King Zelos never retreats.


Its elemental weakness depend on the team performance during the boss fight. The longer it takes for the team to reach Zelos, the stronger it will be. Nevertheless, Fire is always the best elemental to be used against it.

If the team has defeated the 4 minibosses before Zelos quickly enough, the strategy is easy. The blocker should always stay diagonal, preferably at the right side of the room near the wall so the boss doesn't face the team. The shooters should stay diagonal to avoid the Hex beam and shoot Fireball Runes for maximum single-target damage. The second blocker can either attack from distance while blocking the 3 Risen Soldiers or stay near the boss, which is more dangerous but will increase the damage output.

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