Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Thais
Position 126.55, 125.173, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Monarch
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
King Tibianus
You see King Tibianus.
NPC Bubble D


    Rain Castle, throne room.


    King Tibianus is the sixth king of the Thaian kingdom, after succeeding his father Xenom. He is a direct descendant of Banor, the first human. King Tibianus has the power to promote worthy adventurers. Greet him by saying Hail (to the beloved) King or Hello King or else he will ignore you. If you swear at him his guards will attack you leaving you with only 1 Hitpoint. He claims to buy the Excalibug, though its existence is unproven. His dog Noodles is known as the best sniffer dog in the kingdom.
    He may be an allusion to the roman emperor Tiberius III.

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    Part of the Isle of Evil Quest and The New Frontier Quest. He also gives you a leash as part of the Noodles is Gone Mini World Change.
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    King Tibianus is one of the oldest NPCs, since he lives in Thais, the oldest town of Tibia. During some update his appearance changed, he used to look like this:
    King Tibianus (Old)

    Trade Details


    This NPC does not buy any items.


    Item Price (gp)
    Promotion 20,000


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    Player: hail king!
    King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject.
    Stutch: HAIL TO THE KING!
    Harsky: HAIL TO THE KING!
    Player: How are you
    King Tibianus: Thank you, I'm fine.
    Player: good
    King Tibianus: The forces of good are hard pressed in these dark times.
    Player: name
    King Tibianus: Preposterous! You must know the name of your own king!
    Player: enemies
    King Tibianus: Our enemies are numerous. The evil minotaurs, Ferumbras, and the renegade city of Carlin to the north are just some of them.
    Player: gods
    King Tibianus: Honor the gods and pay your taxes.
    Player: job
    King Tibianus: I am your sovereign, King Tibianus III, and its my duty to provide justice and guidance for my subjects.
    Player: king
    King Tibianus: I am the king, so mind your words!
    Player: name
    King Tibianus: It's hard to believe that you don't know your own king!
    Player: missionor quest
    King Tibianus: I will call for heroes as soon as the need arises again and then reward them appropriately.
    Player: sell
    King Tibianus: Sell? Sell what? My kingdom isn't for sale!
    Player: TBI
    King Tibianus: This organisation is important in holding our enemies in check. Its headquarter is located in the bastion in the northwall.
    Player: Tibia
    King Tibianus: Soon the whole land will be ruled by me once again!
    Player: time
    King Tibianus: It's a time for heroes, that's for sure!
    Player: Noodles or treasure
    King Tibianus: The royal poodle Noodles is my greatest treasure!
    Player: castle
    King Tibianus: Rain Castle is my home.
    Player: dungeon
    King Tibianus: Dungeons are no places for kings.
    Player: help
    King Tibianus: Visit Quentin the monk for help.
    Player: druids
    King Tibianus: We need the druidic healing powers to fight evil.
    Player: sorcerers
    King Tibianus: The magic of the sorcerers is a powerful tool to smite our enemies.
    Player: paladins
    King Tibianus: The paladins are great protectors for Thais.
    Player: knights
    King Tibianus: The brave knights are necessary for human survival in Thais.
    Player: heroes
    King Tibianus: It's a time for heroes, that's for sure!
    Player: monsters
    King Tibianus: Go and hunt them! For king and country!
    Player: Excalibug
    King Tibianus: It's the sword of the kings. If you could return this weapon to me I would reward you beyond your dreams.
    Player: Ferumbras
    King Tibianus: He is a follower of the evil god Zathroth and responsible for many attacks on us. Kill him on sight!
    Player: order
    King Tibianus: We need order to survive!
    Player: Zathroth
    King Tibianus: Please ask a priest about the gods.
    Player: Carlin
    King Tibianus: They dare to reject my reign over the whole continent!
    Player: Eremo
    King Tibianus: It is said that he lives on a small island near Edron. Maybe the people there know more about him.
    Player: Thais
    King Tibianus: Our beloved city has some fine shops, guildhouses, and a modern sytem of sewers.
    Player: sewers
    King Tibianus: What a disgusting topic!
    Player: shops
    King Tibianus: Visit the shops of our merchants and craftsmen.
    Player: guilds
    King Tibianus: The four major guilds are the knights, the paladins, the druids, and the sorcerers.
    Player: merchants
    King Tibianus: Ask around about them.
    Player: Harkath Bloodblade or general
    King Tibianus: Harkath Bloodblade is the general of our glorious army.
    Player: army
    King Tibianus: Ask the soldiers about that topic.
    Player: evil
    King Tibianus: We need all strength we can muster to smite evil!
    Player: minotaurs
    King Tibianus: Vile monsters, but I must admit they are strong and sometimes even cunning ... in their own bestial way.
    Player: taxes
    King Tibianus: To pay your taxes, visit the royal tax collector.
    Player: royal tax collector
    King Tibianus: He has been lazy lately. I bet you have not payed any taxes at all.
    Player: reward
    King Tibianus: Well, if you want a reward, go on a quest to bring me Excalibug!
    Player: Benjamin
    King Tibianus: He was once my greatest general. Now he is very old and senile but we entrusted him with work for the Royal Tibia Mail.
    Player: Bozo
    King Tibianus: He is my royal jester and cheers me up now and then.
    Player: Chester
    King Tibianus: A very competent person. A little nervous but very competent.
    Player: Elane
    King Tibianus: The paladins are great protectors for Thais.
    Player: Frodo
    King Tibianus: He is the owner of Frodo's Hut and a faithful tax-payer.
    Player: Gorn
    King Tibianus: He was once one of Tibia's greatest fighters. Now he is selling equipment.
    Player: Gregor
    King Tibianus: The brave knights are necessary for human survival in Thais.
    Player: Muriel
    King Tibianus: The magic of the sorcerers is a powerful tool to smite our enemies.
    Player: Sam
    King Tibianus: He is a skilled blacksmith and a loyal subject.
    Player: bye
    King Tibianus: Good bye, Player!
    Stutch: LONG LIVE THE KING! You may leave now!
    Harsky: LONG LIVE THE KING! You may leave now!

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