Explore Kilmaresh and help its citizens.


All the island of Kilmaresh.


The four parts of The Regalia of Suon, Sun and Sea achievement.

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There are 5 citizens of Kilmaresh that require some help. Visit each one of them to receive their mission.

Fafnar's Wrath

Find Eshaya on the second floor of the building north of the market, here and ask about a mission.

Investigate the Ambassador's House

Eshaya wants to investigate the Ambassador of Rathleton in Kilmaresh. Find his house on top of the city wall southeast of the city (here) and investigate the following objects of his house:

You examine the scrolls carefully. Those are orders from Rathleton for the Ambassador. No sign of treason here.
Documents were burnt here recently. Only the part of one scroll still lies in front of the chimney but it's too sooted to read.
Paper scraps lie scattered on the floor. It takes some time to put them back together. But it's only a badly written poem.
  • Walk around the rooftop.
You find nothing in the Ambassador's house. If he's in fact a traitor he got rid of any evidence that could incriminate him.

Retrieve the Ring of Secret Thoughts

Return to Eshaya, which will tell you to look in his memories using a Ring of Secret Thoughts. To do that, you'll have to kill Urmahlullu the Immaculate, which can be found in a cave south of the city, here. The boss can be fought with a team of up to 5 players. Note: You do not actually have to defeat Urmahlullu to be able to complete the mission. If you happen to obtain the ring by other means, you can just turn it in and move on with the quest.

The fight against Urmahlullu is simple, but long. The boss have 5 forms, 3 of which have a lot of health. It's recommended to trap the boss near the exit teleport or on the south-west corner. You'll first have to kill Urmahlullu the Immaculate, then the Wildness of Urmahlullu, Urmahlullu the Tamed, Wisdom of Urmahlullu and finally Urmahlullu the Weakened. Note that the 4th form, Wisdom of Urmahlullu, attacks from distance and will run away from the team unless it's trapped.

All participating players will get a Ring of Secret Thoughts every time they defeat the boss until they complete this mission. The boss room can be entered again after a 20-hour cooldown.

Obtain the Ambassador's thoughts

To get the Ambassador's thoughts, find him inside the Library and give him the ring, which he will gladly accept. In order to recover it, however, you'll need the help of a thief. Visit Moe two floors up the building north of the Market and ask if he is a thief. He will ask for 10 Sphinx Feathers. Once you have the feathers, give them to him. Moe will ask for some time to steal the ring and you must then wait 1 hour.

Note: This request from Moe appears as a separate mission called Gifts for Moe in the Quest Log.

Go back to Moe and ask again about he being a thief or about the ring, then you'll receive a Ring of Secret Thoughts (Charged).

Extract the Memories from the ring

Ambassador's Mind Map.png
To analyze the memories, visit the Librarian NPC at the library for instructions on how to do so, ask him about the ring. He will tell you to buy a Flask of Hallucinogen from Faloriel, the potions NPC. Buy the Hallucinogen from him by asking for it specifically. (You can buy multiple Flasks of Hallucinogen, and give them to players that have already completed the mission so they can re-enter the brain and help you.)

Now, go to the temple of Bastesh (south building on the west side of town, here). Equip the charged ring and then use the Hallucinogen on yourself. You'll be sent to the Ambassador's Mind.

Note: Be careful that in here you'll have to fight many Earworms, which are similar to the other creatures of Kilmaresh in strength. Also note that the Ambassador's Mind has two sides and you can be sent to any one of them, apparently randomly. This means that your team might be split and will have to reunite using the Mirror Neurons.

Your task here is to loot 3 memory shards: Green Memory Shardgreen, Violet Memory Shardviolet and Blue Memory Shardblue. Each player will need one of each shard. Do not step on the energy fields, if you do that one of the shards in your backpack will vanish. After getting all charges, go to the right side of the map, where there's a Memory Englitener (a Fire Basin). Use one of each shard on it. Now find your way back to the exit teleport (and be careful not to lose your Shards, you'll still need them).

Report back to Eshaya, who will tell you to report to The Empress. Talk to The Empress while holding the three memory shards in your backpack.

One last favor

Given your success with the Ambassador's investigation, The Empress will ask for your help with another matter. Your mission will be to bless 5 Statues of Fafnar that the cultists have enchanted in the Catacombs, using a Sceptre of Sun and Sea which she will give you.

Since you will have to visit the Kilmaresh Catacombs, you must first find four masks, each one unlocking a set of doors of the catacombs.

  • The Mirror Mask can be found in a coffin that is located in a dungeon under the Central Steppe. It unlocks the first door near the main entrance.
  • The Ivory Mask can be found in the Library after using a Small Emerald on the Ornamented Ankh there. It unlocks the doors that give access to the center from the south.
  • The Silver Mask from a tree on the small island west of the Central Steppe. It unlocks the doors that give access to the center from the north.

Now, with the Sceptre in hand, go down to the catacombs and fight your way to the 5 Statue of Fafnar (Meditating) Statues of Fafnar, and use the Sceptre on each of them. The safest route is to start at the north by entering through the Sphinx/Crypt Warden cave. Locations of the 5 Statues:

After using the Sceptre on all of them, return to the Empress. Upon delivery of your final task you'll receive a Sun Medal.

Midnight Rituals

Talk to Kallimae two floors above the building just east of the depot, here, and ask for a mission.

The Ingredients

She needs help gathering several ingredients for magic rituals. Before gathering the ingredients, you'll need some tools:

Once you have the tools, you're ready to start collecting the ingredients. The NPCs Yonan, Tefrit, Narsai and Shimun each have a list, which you can receive by asking them for a mission:

After gathering all items, deliver them to their respective NPCs.

Midnight Pilgrimage

Talk again to Kallimae, which has a final mission for you: To do the Midnight Pilgrimage - a search for several Omens once betokened by Bastesh herself. Go to this four locations:

  • On the small temple north of the Nykri Delta, find the Owl and walk close to it.
You discover an owl resting in a tree. That's special, because you have never seen an owl in all of Kilmaresh.
You find a golden symbol at the bottom of the blood-filled basin.
Note: You can obtain a Symbol of Sun and Sea Symbol of Sun and Sea during this mission by clicking on the Basin but only if you don't have a ring equipped in your ring slot. The item is not required for the quest but you cannot take it anymore after delivering this mission.
You see goanna hide with sun symbol. It weighs 0.60 oz.
  • On the eastern part of the Green Belt by the mountain and find a Bloodspot on a Sequoia Trunk that was hit by an arrow.
You discover an arrow sticking in a tree. Mysteriously, fresh blood is trickling from the spot where the arrow hit the trunk.

Report back to Kallimae and you'll receive a Blue and Golden Cordon.

The Boards that Mean the World

Find the medusa Alyxo northeast of the depot and ask for a mission.

The 3 Demons

Alyxo needs help killing 3 Demons that have been summoned and are threatening Kilmaresh:

  • Bragrumol can be found down a cave on the Central Steppe.
  • Xogixath can be found on Nykri Delta in a small cave.
  • Mozradek can be found in a small cave north-east of Issavi, on the second floor.

Cultists, Present and the Lyre

In this mission Alyxo will actually give you three tasks:

Note that you have to deliver the tasks individually, by saying fafnar cultists, present and lyre. Then you can ask her about mission. You'll receive a Sunray Emblem.

The Revenge of the Ogres

Note: In order to complete the mission from Saideh you only need to complete the 4 first puzzles. The 5th and 6th puzzles are only required to open the last floor as a hunting ground and to complete one of the missions of the Grave Danger Quest. All puzzles are explained here since you should take the opportunity and complete them all.

Go around the Central and Southern Steppe to reach the west side of the Green Belt, then walk into the Kilmaresh Mountain. Swim into the river and walk behind the waterfall, where you'll find Saideh, which needs help reburying the remains of their hero, Dayyan. To do that, you'll have to go through a dungeon full of creatures and solve several puzzles. Enter the cave, go down one floor and then find the Wooden Cage Key on the west part of the cave, door. Go south-east and use the key on the here so you can access it (you'll gain permanent access but the key will be destroyed). The, go downstairs, follow the path north and enter the small room west with 4 Magic Forcefields.

Puzzle 1 - The Vocations

The first puzzle is very simple. Each one of the teleports has a respective item that represents one of the four vocations. Enter the corresponding teleport.
Note: If you use the wrong teleport you'll be sent to the surface of the Green Belt.

Puzzle 2 - The Basins

Here, you'll find three Fire Basins that keep turning on and off, and 4 teleports. You have to enter the teleports that correspond to the number of ignited basins at that exact moment, going from 0 to 3 from left to right. For example, enter the leftmost teleport when all basins are off, or the rightmost teleport when all basins are on.

Puzzle 3 - The Mummies

You'll find yourself in a room again with 4 teleports. South of them is a small room with two Mummies and black "stripes" on the floor, which correspond to each teleport. To proceed, enter one of the teleports when at least one of the mummies are walking on their respective stripe.

Puzzle 4 - The Path

On this puzzle, there are 4 lines with different tiles which you must cross. South of them there are 4 tiles, each one representing one of the lines, that tells you what's the safe tile to step on. The first tile to left represents the tile you have to step to cross the first line. The second tile, the second line, etc. The recommended strategy is to first cross the first line. Then, wait until the pattern changes, quickly memorize what the tiles for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines are and run through them.

Follow the path west, you'll find a big Scorpion Grave in a large room. Use its left side to receive a message and quest log update.

Warning: You will take 50% of your total hitpoints as Fire Damage when using the right side of the Scorpion Grave, so be careful specially if you haven't killed all creatures yet.

Puzzle 5 - The Board

Follow the path west, then south, to reach the fifth puzzle. Here, there are two rectangles of the same tiles as before, which constantly change, as well as one teleport for each type of tile. You have to enter the teleport which corresponds to the tile that is present in the greatest amount at that exact moment.

Puzzle 6 - The Labyrinth

The final puzzle is a labyrinth you must cross. Your objective here is to step on all the Sparkles that close the small rooms, without going over any of them twice. If you make a mistake you'll seed Red Musical Notes on your character and you'll have to use the lever on the west side of the room to reset the progress. There are many different possible routes, one is represented below:

The Sarcophagus

Note: this is the final part required only for the Grave Danger Quest. If you don't have this quest open you will not be allowed downstairs.

After going through the puzzles, go to the lower floor and use the Vial of Potent Holy Water on the sarcophagus.

A Shark in Need

Find Ninev in the temple of Bastesh and as her about her shark. The mission here is very simple and consists of gathering the materials to fabricate a medicine for the sick shark. You'll need the two items:

Once you have both items, use the Greasy Wool on the Box with Balm to create a Box with Waterproof Balm. Deliver this item to Ninev. As a reward, you'll receive a Golden Sea Horse Figurine.


Fafnar's Wrath

Eshaya: Suon's and Bastesh's blessing, dear guest!
Player: mission
Eshaya: I'm willing to admit that I need help. And the help of someone who is not from {Issavi} at that. But the task could be dangerous and you would become embroiled in the politics and court intrigues of {Kilmaresh}. Will you help me anyhow?
Player: yes
Eshaya: You are a noble soul! So listen: for many decades, over a century actually, the city of {Rathleton} had an Ambassador here in {Issavi}. ...
Eshaya: {Kilmaresh} and {Oramond} maintain important commercial relations, and for this reason Rathleton has an envoy here. In the past, the relations were good but now ...
Eshaya: I hate to admit it but I heavily suspect that the current {Ambassador} is a traitor and consorts with the forbidden cult of {Fafnar}. I have several hints and {Kallimae} saw it in one of her visions. ...
Eshaya: But the vision of a Kilmareshian seer is no proof they will ever accept in Rathleton. And without proof we can't banish the {Ambassador}, this would cause major diplomatic fallout or even a war. I can't risk that. ...
Eshaya: I need unequivocal evidence that the {Ambassador} conspires with the Fafnar cultists. Please go to his residence in the eastern part of the city and search for letters, journals ... anything that could prove him guilty.

Eshaya: Suon's and Bastesh's blessing, dear guest!
Player: mission
Eshaya: It seems that he destroyed every visible evidence of his treason. That's very unfortunate and I see only one remaining possibility: You need to see the {Ambassador}'s memories. ...
Eshaya: But there is only one way to achieve this: You have to find a Ring of {Secret Thoughts}. Legend has it that a monstrous being called {Urmahlullu} has such a ring. If the myths are true you can find this creature in a subterranean tomb south of Issavi.

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