Kharsek is Brazilian player and currently the third highest-leveled Tibia character. He is an Elite Knight and an inhabitant of the game world Luminera after first transferring from Pacera to Calmera.

He was the first player ever to achieve level 700 (5 Nov, 2013) and also the first to reach level 800 (8 Nov, 2014), 900 (14 Sep, 2015), 1000 (7 Aug, 2016), 1100 (17 Dec, 2017) and 1300 (4 Jun, 2019). For a brief time around levels 1150 and 1250, Kharsek lost the Top #1 position to another character, Lyh, which has since changed name multiple times. On 8 Jun, 2019, Kharsek lost the Top #1 position again, this time to Bobeek. He was the first to die at a level over 700, 800, and 900. Currently he is above level 1300. Like all very high levels, Kharsek has been accused of Account Sharing and Botting, although no proof has yet been found to support these accusations.

Level 999 Gate of Expertise


Because he was the first player to reach level 999, on 1 August 2016, he was the first player who could go through the Gate of Expertise located deep in Banuta. Despite that, he never revealed what he found there, and the Schrödinger's Island's existence was only confirmed a few months later by another player.

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