Kha'zeel is the mountain range separating the Kha'labal, the desert surrounding Ankrahmun, from Tiquanda, the jungle surrounding Port Hope, and the Devourer, the desert surrounding Darashia. This mountain range has many caves and entrances, but very few passages through. You can cross it by the above ground Kha'zeel Pass or the underground Darama Terramite Cave.

The Kha'labal side of the mountain range is home to many Dragons and Dragon Lords, in addition to various other creatures such as Hyaenas, Scorpions, Cobras, Stone Golems and Energy Elementals. This side is also where the feuding Djinns have built their fortresses, the Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinns) and Mal'ouquah (Green Djinns).

The Tiquanda side of the mountain range is home to Hydras, Stone Golems, and a few Wyverns at the southern end. Dwarves have also mined a base just under the mountain.

They are called Deathwish Mountains by The Orc King.

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