Opens the door to the Desert Dungeon Teleport Room.

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You will receive this key when you take Adrenius' quiz for 500 gold pieces. Say the following:

Player: Netlios
Adrenius: This fool! His book is nothing but a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer for my questions?
Player: yes
Adrenius: By the way, I would like a donation for my temple. Are 500 gold ok?
Player: yes
Adrenius: Thank you very much. Now, name me the first person in alphabetical order, his age, his fate, and how long he was on his journeys!
Player: anaso, 41, attacked by mother-bear, 117 days
Adrenius: Hmmm, maybe. What can you tell me about the second 'adventurer'?
Player: elaeus, 39, attacked by dragon, 100 days
Adrenius: Yes, that might be true. What did you find out about the third man?
Player: gadinius, 42, stepped in fire, 83 days
Adrenius: Correct again! Hmmmm... I doubt you know anything about the fourth person!
Player: heso, 40, attacked by troll, 66 days
Adrenius: Yes! Really, how did you figure that out? I bet, you don't know anything about the last adventurer!
Player: hestus, 38, drank poison, 134 days
Adrenius: That's right! Why didn't I see it? It's obvious, Netlios was right, and his stories are great! Wait, I'll give you something!

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Players only.

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