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Keltera was merged along with Samera and Trimera into a new world Thera on August 14, 2014.


  • A great world to play if you speak Portuguese.
  • There is no war going on, currently.
  • A vast variety of guilds that are respected.
  • Respawns are fast due to the high number of players.
  • Average prices/economy.


  • The language barrier is difficult to overcome.
  • There have been reports of power abuse.
  • Many spawns are difficult to hunt due to many botters claiming them for days at a time.

Additional info

  • Judge Chia was the first player to reach levels 200 and 300.
  • Judge Chia world transferred out of Keltera after becoming hunted, he was the highest level in Keltera at the time.
  • The leading guild on the server is Heavenz and has been since 2009 ( Hell = Heavenz). It is mainly a team of Brasilian players with a small amount of other nationalities.
  • Hell was getting banned because of known bot usage. Their leaders we getting banned too so they decided to disband Hell and create Heavenz in order to "confuse" Cipsoft.
  • Teams from other worlds have transferred to Keltera to fight wars against Hell but none have been victorious proving that it has a strong domination in Keltera. Recently, a big number of players from Solera transferred to Keltera to fight against Hell, things were looking good for the newly formed "Surprise of heaven" in the beginning of the war, but after some events that are not completely clear yet, Surprise of Heaven lost the fight a couple of days before 2014.
  • Abramman'Freyn was the first to reach 100 sword and shield skill.
  • Harmony is the oldest guild on the server.
  • Successfully completed world quests to date:


Pharaoh Rares

Inquisition / POI Boss

Major Boss Rares

Quest Rares


Major Bosses

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