Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Darashia
Position 129.206, 126.134, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Monarch
Other Properties
Version 6.61-6.97
June 14, 2002
Status Active
You see Kazzan
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Darashia castle, one floor up.


Kazzan is the Caliph (leader) of the city of Darashia. He is both the social and spiritual leader of the people in following the teachings of Daraman. In his younger years he was a warrior, and fought in the battles against the enemy from Drefia. His full name is Kazzan Ibn Gadral.

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Player: hi
Kazzan: Feel welcome in the lands of the children of the enlightened Daraman, player.
Player: name
Kazzan: I am Kazzan Ibn Gadral, caliph of Darama.
Player: lands
Kazzan: I am the caliph of the children of Daraman. It is my privilege and mission to ensure their safety.
Player: caliph
Kazzan: A caliph is a leader of his people, just like a king.
Player: Daraman
Kazzan: Daraman led our ancestors to the continent Darashia to live a life of simplicity and meditation.
Player: mission
Kazzan: There is nothing you can do for me right now but thank you for offering your help.
Player: Drefia
Kazzan: When the djinns destroyed the better part of the unholy town in their wrath, the brotherhood hid like worms in the sand.
Player: Brotherhood of Bones
Kazzan: The Brotherhood of Bones came here fleeing some war on the continent. They corrupted the settlers of the Thaian colony with ease.
Player: king or Thais
Kazzan: Tibianus is the shepherd of the lost souls of the so called Thaian empire.
Player: gods
Kazzan: The gods are powerful but it's ultimately up to us to work on our souls' ascension.
Player: Excalibug
Kazzan: Once a djinn claimed to have seen it in a dream. I guess it's just that, some dream of a supernatural creature.

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