Before the Winter Update 2012 a single Dragon spawned around here. After this update this place was enlarged to a real dragon lair with multiple floors. The fastest way to reach it is from the Dwarven Bridge, through a hole here and going up here. You can get to the Dwarven Bridge quickly by taking the Magic Carpet to kazordoon (Gewen), buy a Wagon Ticket and take the lorry to Lukosh.

Hunting Strategies

Dragons are skinnable so a useful tool to have would be an Obsidian Knife to obtain green dragon leathers. Also for low level mages it is advisable to use magic shield in case the dragon retargets. Knights should also remember to use the Challenge spell to avoid retargeting on members of their team.

Missing File

Maps and Spawns

There are 2 Dragons on the ground floor, but you can fight them one by one.

There are 2 Dragons on the first floor upstairs, but you can fight them one by one.

There are 2 Dragons on the second floor which come together most of the time. If you walk further north you will find 3 Dragons.

In total there are 9 Dragons in this Lair.

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