Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rathleton
Position 131.100, 123.190, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Assistant
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
You see Kaya.
  • Leave your money in the bank during your hunt - trust me, it's safer that way.
  • It's a wise idea to store your money in your bank account.


Krailos depot.


Kaya is Larek's research assistant and also functions as a banker in the depot he established. You can access your bank account here and also buy mail stuff to send back items you can't take with you.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Label Household Items Household Items1
Letter 1Household Items Household Items5
Parcel 2Household Items Household Items10


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Player: hi
Kaya: Welcome to Larek's private bank, Knight Wout! I can help you with your {bank} account or sell you {parcels} and the like.
Player: name
Kaya: My name is Kaya.
Player: time
Kaya: It is exactly time.
Player: job
Kaya: I work for the Tibian bank.
Player: Larek
Kaya: Larek is a member of the {Explorer Society}. He came here from Port Hope to explore the still little-known peninsula {Krailos} and I accompanied him as research assistant. I'm still a novice but proficient in Tibia's classical languages and myths. ...
Kaya: That's the reason Larek asked me to assit him on this journey.
Player: Explorer Society
Kaya: The Explorer Society is an elite society of adventurers that explore and research all aspects of our world. We are interested in the many different creatures of Tibia, as well as the history of curious structures and items.
Player: Krailos
Kaya: Krailos is this peninsula that forms the northern part of Oramond. As you might have noticed it s mainly populated by {ogre}s.
Player: ogres
The ogres are a rough, yet interesting people. {Larek} has written an essay about their culture - if you want to use this word in relation to ogres. If you want to know more, feel free to ask Larek.
Player: Vuzrog
Kaya: Vuzrog is the tribe's {chieftain}. In {ogre} tribes the chief is always the strongest male or - in rarer cases - female tribe member. Vuzrog is impulsive and irascible, if he's hungry. And that he is most of the time.
Player: chieftain
Kaya: The chieftain ist the big boss of a tribe, as the {ogre}s call it.
Player: Ghorza
Kaya: Ghorza is the tribe's {shaman}. She's an elder ogress which seems to have much influence here, even on the {chieftain} {Vuzrog}. She is able to exert shamanistic magic of considerable power.
Player: shaman
Kaya: An ogre shaman is the link between the tribe and the spirits.
Player: Mugruu
Kaya: He's one of the {ogre}s here in the village. Some weeks ago he suddenly was very interested in {Larek}'s doings and now he is selling and buying things, too.
Player: Nibble
Kaya: Oh, the poor Nibble. He's kept as a {slave} by {chieftain} {Vuzrog}. He has to cook his meals, to clean his hut and so on. For a {goblin} he's quite cute. I really feel sorry for him.
Player: slave
Kaya: The ogres keep smaller races like {goblin}s, dworcs or coryms as slaves. They let them do the cooking and cleaning, they send them to the mines in the south to dig up onyx and opals. Or they eat them, if they get hungry. ...
Kaya: Awful, I know. I guess, we sould return to Port Hope as soon as posible.
Player: goblins
Kaya: Many goblins are kept as {slave}s or are even eaten by the {ogre}s. Unlike the dworcs or coryms who come here as stowaways at times, the goblins seem to live in {Krailos} for quite a while yet.
Player: Grubokk
Kaya: I haven't seen him very often - fortunately. He seems to be cruel, blunt and disgusting even by ogre standards. ...
Kaya: Most of the time he's overseeing the {goblin}s who have to work in the faraway mines, in the mountains that seperate {Krailos} from southern Oramond.
Player: bye
Kaya: Good bye.

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