Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Venore
Position 128.176, 125.109, 5
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Artisan
Other Properties
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active
You see Kalvin.
NPC Bubble D


    Southeast of Venore Depot, second floor of the Dress for Success warehouse.


    He informs you about various outfits. Apprentice of Hugo. His name is an allusion to Calvin Klein, a well-known American fashion designer.


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    Player: hi
    Kalvin: Be greeted, player! If you need information about outfits, I'm your man.
    Player: job
    Kalvin: I'm an apprentice of Hugo. My current task is to inform everyone about our summer collection.
    Player: name
    Kalvin: My name is Kalvin.
    Player: hugo
    Kalvin: I hope that one day I will have grand visions, too.
    Player: outfit
    Kalvin: Ah, I can tell you all about the newest range of patterns! There are, all in all, four free outfits, seven premium outfits, and nine quest outfits.
    Player: free outfit
    Kalvin: Well, we have the traditional knight outfit, the hunter outfit, the mage outfit and the citizen outfit.
    Player: premium outfit
    Kalvin: Premium outfits are only available to characters on a premium account. They include the nobleman outfit, the summoner outfit, the warrior outfit, the barbarian outfit, the wizard outfit, the oriental outfit and the druid outfit.
    Player: quest outfit
    Kalvin: Quest outfits require certain tasks to be fulfilled before the outfit becomes accessible. Those quests are only available for premium customers. ...
    Kalvin: We currently have the pirate outfit, the assassin outfit, the beggar outfit, the norseman outfit, the shaman outfit, the jester outfit, the demon hunter outfit, the yalaharian outfit, the nightmare knight outfit and the brotherhood of bones outfit.
    Player: addons
    Kalvin: Addons are usually accessories. Each outfit has two addons which can be worn only together with this outfit. All addons have to be earned through quests.
    Player: quest
    Kalvin: Many addon quests require that a number of ingredients are collected.
    Player: Irmana
    Kalvin: <blushes> Such a beautiful and charming lady.
    Player: bye
    Kalvin: Good bye, player.

    About Outfits

    Player: knight
    Kalvin: If you spend your time fighting monsters and need that little extra protection, this well-armored outfit is great for you. Addons are usually awarded by knight guilds.
    Player: hunter
    Kalvin: A light and comfortable ranger outfit which every paladin simply loves to wear. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, a good place to start would be the paladin guild in Thais.
    Player: mage
    Kalvin: Great for wise old male mages as well as for pretty enchantresses. If you are looking to earn addons, ladies should take a stroll in Port Hope, whereas elders should explore the Dark Cathedral.
    Player: citizen
    Kalvin: Your basic starter outfit - simple, but practical. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, you should walk around Thais and look for citizens wearing a hat or a backpack.
    Player: nobleman
    Kalvin: One of our finest pieces. If you have the money and wish to show how wealthy and noble you are, this is the outfit for you. We also create addons especially for you, right here.
    Player: summoner
    Kalvin: Great for young mages and ladies who love witchcraft. If you are looking to earn addons, gentlemen should take a stroll in Port Hope, whereas ladies should explore the Dark Cathedral.
    Player: warrior
    Kalvin: The lighter version of the knight outfit is great if you want to save stamina and maintain agility. Addons are usually awarded by knight guilds.
    Player: barbarian
    Kalvin: This outfit stands for raw power, battle cries and lack of manners. I heard that there are a few barbarians living near Northport. They might just be able to provide fitting addons.
    Player: wizard
    Kalvin: Are you feeling evil today? This outfit is fitting for mages pursuing the dark side of sorcery. Shunned by the magic academy of Edron, you might find wizards hiding near Thais.
    Player: oriental
    Kalvin: This comfortable, yet fashionable outfit will create the romantic mood of Thousand and One Nights. A good place to look around for addons are naturally Darama and Ankrahmun.
    Player: druid
    Kalvin: Nature-loving and peaceful druids might like this outfit, especially the beastlike addons. I heard there is a druid living near Ab'Dendriel, who might be able to provide fitting addons.
    Player: pirate
    Kalvin: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! If you love the pirate way of life and sneer at landlubbers, this might be the right outfit for you. Pirates are said to roam the Shattered Isles...
    Player: assassin
    Kalvin: Mysterious and lethal, assassins are hard to find and almost impossible to befriend. I know of one assassin hiding away on the Daramian Plague Spire. If you are lucky, he won't kill you.
    Player: beggar
    Kalvin: Ah, Hugo is working on designing this look. He might need some inspiration, so if you have some time to spare, don't hesitate to contribute some ideas to him.
    Player: norseman
    Kalvin: This cosy outfit will keep you warm in the deepest winters. The inhabitants of Svargrond use it to travel around their frozen islands.
    Player: shaman
    Kalvin: If you have seen everything and worn every look, this outfit will put the icing on your cake. Maybe you can earn it by becoming the apprentice of a shaman... or voodoo priest.
    Player: jester
    Kalvin: You really want to look like a jester?? Well, then you should go visit Bozo. Maybe you are foolish enough to join his newly founded fools guild. Normally, you find him at the castle in Thais.
    Player: demon hunter
    Kalvin: I think the members of the inquisition award this outfit to their members when they have reached a certain rank. They hide somewhere under Thais.
    Player: yalaharian
    Kalvin: The people travel to Yalahar and come back with these fancy clothings. One of them told me that the Edron Academy is sending people to this ancient city.
    Player: nightmare
    Kalvin: This noble order vanished a long time ago. They were once located at the Plains of Havoc. Maybe you can find some hints about their remains if you go there. But be careful, it is a very dangerous area!
    Player: brotherhood of bones
    Kalvin: They were the followers of Goshnar, the king of necromancy. They fought the Nightmare Knights without knowing any limits. It might be a foolish thing to look for them but if you are interested, the Plains of Havoc are a good start.