Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Port Hope
Position 128.143, 127.0, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Djinn
Occupational Properties
Job Servant
Other Properties
Version 11.30
April 25, 2017
Status Active
You see Kais.


Near the Forbidden Lands in the north of Tiquanda.


He says he was spellbound to reside in his little cave, although he does no longer remember by whom. He believes, however, that helping passers-by with his special abilities is key to breaking this spell.
He sells one of the two enhanced PvE Blessings available in Tibia, and can also heal you if you are low on health as well as rid you of all negative Status Conditions.
Go down here to reach him.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item Price (gp)
The Blood of the Mountain Blessing 2600 gp and an extra 260 gp for each level up to 120


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Player: hi
Kais: Hmm... surely you are in need of {help} - will you let me? I am {Kais} the Bound and I can lend you a hand in {healing} your body and soul or even grant an {enhanced} blessing!
Player: help/heal
Kais: You aren't looking that bad. Sorry, I am only allowed to help those in need. If you are looking for additional protection, I could grant you an enhanced {blessing} and there is also the {pilgrimage} of ashes.
Player: blessing
Kais: Besides the {enhanced} blessing available from me, I know of one other, granted by a solitary {nomad} far west of Svargrond. There are also five different other blessings available, each in a sacred place. ...
Kais: These blessings are: the {spiritual} shielding, the spark of the {phoenix}, the {embrace} of Tibia, the fire of the {suns} and the wisdom of {solitude}.
Player: spiritual
Kais: You can ask for the blessing of spiritual shielding in the whiteflower temple south of Thais.
Player: phoenix
Kais: The spark of the phoenix is given by the dwarven priests of earth and fire in Kazordoon.
Player: embrace
Kais: The druids north of Carlin will provide you with the embrace of Tibia.
Player: suns
Kais: You can ask for the blessing of the two suns in the suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: solitude
Kais: Talk to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya about this blessing.
Player: enhanced
Kais: I have the power to grant you the blood of the mountain's blessing. But I must ask of you to sacrifice X gold. Are you prepared for that?
Player: yes
Kais: So receive the blood of the mountain, master.
Player: pilgrimage/job
Kais: Well, as I am quite in a {fix} currently, my only hope to escape this situation may be to grant you {healing} or an {enhanced} blessing if you wish. You must desire SOMETHING, right? Sure you do.
Player: fix
Kais: I was bound here by... I... do not know who did this to me. Not anymore... As of now, I feel a strange... urge to help those in need. I feel, yes I feel that ...
Kais: If I just help as many as I can... I may be set free... one day... but how many will it be? What does it take to... and why all this, to which end... I do not know.
Player: nomad
Kais: I know everyone and everything. It is certain that there is another enhanced blessing, the 'heart of the mountain'. Talk to a nomad far to the west of Svargrond, hiding slightly above ground.
Player: name
Kais: I am Kais, Kais the Bound. Eternally {fixed} to the wretched place, unless... unless I prove my worth in aiding all those who seek my {help}.
Player: bye
Kais: Fare you well... Player!

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